Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Oh ya, happy birthday to me. *ho hum* it's exactly 1 more year to go and i am not sure if i really wanna go thru with my planning. Been having loads to weird dreams about ghosts and afterlife recently. Maybe i've been thinking too much. Funny thing is, somehow in my dreams, i was not afraid of ghosts. Infact, i was pretty ambivalent. Been having quite a lot of childhood memories flashback. Memories that i thought i've forgotten. But simple things like a loaf of bread brought me back to when i was 5-6 yrs old. Will blog about that in detail next time. I know i'm being ambiguous in this post. It's coz my thoughts are not fully processed and i m in the midst of my annual self loathing ritual. Honestly, i m my worst enemy ;-) that's why no matter how much others insult me, it doesn't really matter coz i prolly have said that to myself before ;-) i m being scattered brains again. Too many thoughts is in my head at the moment and my eyes are getting heavier as the seconds tick by. This is prolly the most incoherent post ever ;-)

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