Saturday, September 4, 2010

vulgarities not in asian culture??

so i was trolling around the net again. and this news report caught my attention (highlighted it in bold and italics for your easy reference):

Rapper declines to reveal details of questioning that lasted over seven hours

CYBERJAYA: Controversial rapper Wee Meng Chee was questioned for more than seven hours at the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) headquarters here over a video clip he posted on YouTube condemning racist remarks made by a principal at a Johor school recently.

Meng Chee, better known as Namewee, arrived at the MCMC headquarters at about 12.30pm yesterday with his manager Fred Wong and left at about 8pm after his statement was recorded.

Speaking to reporters before leaving, Meng Chee said he was contacted on Thursday and told to go to the MCMC office to give his statement over the video.

He said he was questioned by four officers from the police and the MCMC.

However, he said he could not reveal details of the questions.

“They did not give me any warning or threaten me with action; they only wanted to gather details on the video that I posted and I answered all of their questions.

“I answered truthfully because I have nothing to fear since my intention for posting the video was to voice out against racism and not because I am racist,” said Meng Chee.

Recently, Meng Chee uploaded a video titled “Nah” on YouTube criticising the alleged racist remarks uttered against students.

In Kuala Lumpur, MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said Meng Chee may have had good intentions when he created the video clip to criticise racism but the use of vulgar words in his performance was unacceptable.

He said it was not the Asian culture to use vulgar and obscene words and even the Chinese community could not agree with the way Meng Chee had expressed his views.

Speaking to reporters after meeting several Chinese youth organisations here yesterday, Wee said Meng Chee had to be sensitive towards the feelings of other races and should not be offensive when expressing his views.

On whether any legal action should be taken against Meng Chee, Dr Wee said that would be decided by the Attorney-General’s Cham­bers.

Erm... excuse me ah... i think Chinese are pretty vulgar leh. And i think it's pretty normal for chinese to use vulgarities leh... you go any coffee shop with chinese ah peks hanging out, you will hear them spewing vulgarities in every single sentences. you know, like if the ah peks speaks in hokkien, they will be using kaninabu chao cheebye, hor kao karn etc.... (got cantonese, hakka and teochew versions also la... but since i dont know how to speak, i also dont know how to type out coz dunno how to pronounce - but i understand la) :D anyway, what i am trying to say is, vulgarities are pretty norm - although it's frown upon on - in any societies. Come on la... the easiest way to learn a foreign language is learning the swearing words 1st what....

so hor, i think for that fella to say obscene / vulgar language is not in Asian culture is total bullshit. honestly! if it's not in our culture, how the fuck did those vulgarities emerge in our asian language?

anyway, i am also quite sick and tired of all these Namewee issue la. yes, Namewee is a bit the overboard in the video. i agree coz it does seems like he is doing it mainly to get publicity and secondly anti racism. why? coz he macam damn dramatic lor. at first i was taken in by the drama and i felt enraged that the police allegedly sent 3 cars to his house in Muar 15mins before Merdeka - as updated in his FB in english. giving us the impressions that he is getting arrested. which i think it just a publicity stunt. coz when i watched the video of his interview at TTDI police station, he admitted that he was in KL at the time when the police were at his Muar home. And then 1 hour after his dramatic update in his FB, he updated his FB page again this time in chinese admitting that he wasnt at home at that time and that he knew he is gonna get arrested.

My question will be, why did he update that in chinese the 2nd time? I mean for a banana like me, i will be led to believe that he was really getting arrested. mana tau it's all empty drama. he also not at home, how to kena arrested? I think he should have updated in both chinese and english to calm people down and not letting thousands of readers feeling like it is a dreary national day and all worked up. did he actually did it on purpose to brew more drama? to make the citizens even more disillusioned with our goverment? so yea, it has quite a number of loopholes in my opinion la. but then again, i might be damn wrong coz i am only half-heartedly researching on this. :D

ok. i suddenly lost interest in typing more. coz i got distracted by calls and emails. bye bye.

**erm.. the translation in the pic is from google translator :D

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