Wednesday, September 8, 2010

foul mood - ambiguous post....

....extremely. i've been judged and told how to live my life again. seriously. i really do not need this. nobody's perfect. you dont see me telling you how to live your life, so i dont expect you to do that to me.

i am quite certain of the moves i've made. and it is really really exasperating when someone mistaken what was a simple move as something complicated. and think that there are 'seeham di sebalik char kway teow'. no there isn't. i didnt even have any intentions of letting the ppl involved know of the things i've done. coz i really dont care if they will feel grateful to me or not. no. my action is not for them to be grateful to me. i wanted them to earn more karma points so that they will go up to heaven. so that i wont bump into them in hell. so ya, in a way, i am being selfish. but not for the reason of wanting them to be grateful to me! harlow? heaven got huge ass McD leh... and everyone knows i hate McD!

also, i dont like to be insinuated that i am dependent on someone. really. i m not. life goes on with or without someone by my side. i know you need a family and a significant other by your side to feel complete. and i know you cant understand how can i enjoy individualism so much. i do, i really do. so please stop sympathizing me. i dont need it. it just makes me feel disgusted with you. i know u are very narrow minded. you just cannot comprehend there are other types of ppl outside your small little world. but pls la ha, keep your bloody judgmental thoughts to yourself. you are only embarrassing yourself. i cannot understand why are there still ppl out there who think that every females need a man in their life to make themselves complete. no, they dont, ok? every females need a bunch of BBBFs (Best Bitch Buddies Forever) + a variety of guys to makes themselves complete, ok??

to put it crudely. why do i want to settle myself for 1 dick when i can have varieties? i know it's so morally wrong to say this. most of you would say. but you all also know i have always been the bad egg in the family. in my eyes, i think you all are wrong for trying to force me. i think all of you are pretentiously judgmental. but you dont see me telling that to your face, do you?

it's so funny to hear those 'lectures' coming from someone younger than me, someone who has not lived life as full as mine (now i sound so 'action' hor? - but really one. i've been thru so much that i am actually quite proud of my life, ok?).

i m so damn annoyed by bitter ppl. ok, i know, i was super bitter last time. i admit. maybe this is retribution la. but it's so damn fucking exasperating to get all my happy bubbles popped by those bitter people who cannot stand seeing other ppl being happy.

hate being accused of something that i never even cross my mind.

u know what? the more i pour out, the more i m pissed off. i just wish these ppl will just leave me alone! go clean up your own acts and life before coming here and interfering with mine!

i think i should just go grab some McD for dinner just to fuel my foul mood.


  1. Somebody call 911.... Big Cow is on fire!

    Cool ya my friend. Just IGNORE the ignorant. ;)

  2. lol. Thanks redbabe... cool down alre lor :D just wanted to rant and release :D