Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nokia: Connecting People

Don Juan is a guy whom i've known since way back in 2003 thru some online forum. Our relationship is pretty unique. We've talked on the phone and chat online since then. There were a few times we wanted to meet up but didnt - due to insincerity in meeting up by both of us ;) We have lost contact with each other for awhile now. But last nite, we bumped into each other again via YIM. and we spoke over the phone for 2hrs 35mins. we had so much laughter and shared so many things in common. incidentally i am his longest friend in Malaysia :D and we are both loyal Nokia users. He was like thanking Nokia last night for the opportunity to connect with each other again :D

We share a lot of things in common. i mean we are almost at the same wavelenght and it's scary. he is sort of like my online soulmate or something :D but nah... nothing's gonna come out of it. :D

p/s: this is a self censored post. :D

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