Tuesday, September 14, 2010

where to start??

hmmm.... i seriously do not know where to start... and being a dory, i cant recall much. so i will just update from last thursday la :D

9th September 2010, Thursday

Went to Tao Cuisine at Sunway Giza to celebrate Linda's bday. Minger suggested this place coz she tried the Auto City branch before and it's good. I really do agree with her! Omg the food is so good and fresh! :D Unlike most buffet restaurants, Tao Cuisine offers all you can eat at the price of RM58++ (RM66.70 nett la). What's the diff btwn all you can eat and buffet? welp, buffet is like a line of food where you go and grab and eat. for all you can eat, you order from their menu and they will cook it FRESH for you! yup! FRESHLY cooked food all the time! They do have a little buffet line la for sushi, sashimi, desserts and tepanyaki :D So what happened was, being a suaku me, i dont know what to order and was super hungry. And i straightaway tell the friendly waitress that it's our first visit and we dont know what to do or what to order. Then she straightaway suggest how about we order their Top 10? And i straightaway tell her, "Ok! On!" :D and they served the food pretty fast! the minute the food started coming, Minger, Linda and i went super kiasu and started snapping picture leaving poor TungYi looking at the food forlornly :D

This is the collage of the pix we took that night :D

After eating damn full, we decided to head up to Genting to try our luck. won some pocket money, although i felt guilty coz i was the only one who won :( We reach back KL at around 3ish :D

10th September 2010, Friday

i forgotten what time i woke up. i think i was just lazing around until about 2ish and then Minger and i decided to go Midvalley. We shop shop shop shop until closing and got so tired, we decided to catch a movie. Watched Going the Distance. I love the movie a lot. Especially the fact that there isnt much censorship :D

11th September 2010, Saturday

Met up with LM, SP, VQ and JY for lok lok dinner at Kota Damansara. We had a great time catching up. VQ is migrating over to Melbourne next month. Will miss her a lot! After loklok, we were thinking of a place to go to cut the birthday cake that LM got me to buy. She wanted to celebrate all the past and future bday. We didnt know where to go so i suggested Desa Park City. Jumped into LM's car and we went to DPC only to realized we were kinda late coz most of the shops were preparing to close already. LM suggest we go over to their hotel in Bukit Bintang to celebrate but i was kinda malas to drive so far :P So i suggested Brussels, but SP wasn't feeling well - to drink. Then we all decided to head back to Kota Damansara. We went to Fullhouse at Sunway Giza instead. Which is really apt and i was kicking myself for not thinking of it earlier :D Coz the girls are crazy over Korean series :D We had so much fun and laughter that towards the end, my jaws were sort of cramped :D

12th September 2010, Sunday

Met up with Finger and the bosses to make a trip to Semenyih to a customer's open house. The food was damn good! I was like a goldfish like that kept on stuffing my face without realizing i was actually very full. :D After the open house, we went over to Craft Brews for a few rounds of beer before calling it a night.

And that, my kawan kawan and karchengs, is how my long holidays were spent. Everyday has an activity. :D


  1. not bad, not bad..... i was almost rotting away at home.... friends all away... lols. but there was a lot to do at home also... :)

  2. Redbabe: hahhaa... i am sure! you always have all the interesting projects going on :D