Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ms Disgusting....

... is a new name it's christened a certain colleague of mine. Why? you may asked. Here are the 3 cases:

Case #1

Supplier came over to bring us out for lunch. We all went and ordered our set lunch. Normal, right? Nope, not when Ms Disgusting is around! What did she do? She ordered the MOST EXPENSIVE set lunch (some steak - EVENTHO she dont like beef) and ordered 2 desserts. But that's not enough for her! She also ordered extra set to go. When we asked her who is she buying it for, she said it's for her dinner..... =.=" yep.... she did that!!!

Case #2

Company's trip + annual dinner. She proclaimed from the start she wont participate. But when the bosses announced the grand prize as 32" LCD tv, she changed her tone. telling us she wanna go, but dont wanna go, but wanna go.... shut the fuck up, bitch! wanna go, go, dont wanna go, just fuck of!! anyway, on the day of the trip, she did not answer the phone and we left without her. then around 5pm, she called up to announced that she will be joining us for the dinner (knowing very well that the lucky draw is that night) which actually disgust us and the bosses so much that the Big Boss decided to twist the lucky draw by separating it to 2 events. The main draw will happen the next day. Of coz Ms Disgusting didnt know la. She came right before we started the lucky draw with her daughter and husband. Didn't even bother to take food or drinks. once she got her prize (everyone is confirmed to have a prize one), she told Big Boss that she wants to go back. Which prompted him to be super pissed and told her off that she will have to stay till the event is over. Yes, she is that thick skinned!

Case #3

Every year, the Malay colleagues will choose a day during the Raya month to bring food over for 'house warming'.The reason being that most of them stays very far away. They might as well group up together and bring food so that they can share the cost. It's all planned by them and we non Malay are just happy to have the food and enjoy :D So anyway, 2 days ago, she suddenly went on a huge bitching mode. Raising her voice and bitching to another colleague of how broke she is and she dont wanna bring food for us to eat. and if we wanna eat, we should pay her or better yet, get the bosses to give them money to prepare these food. she also say that we are very 'menyusahkan' (troublesome) for wanting an open house. at first, i was pretty amused with her stupid mentality. then it got on me. coz she repeated her bitching for non stop WHOLE FUCKING DAY in a fucking loud voice. it's very obvious she wants everyone to hear her and i think she was seeking for support or something. but the thing is, we never even request for this open house thing! if she dont wanna do it, or cannot afford to do it, JUST DONT FUCKING DO IT! we will not starved to death, ok?? her ranting and bitching makes me feel like we are some kinda beggars begging to eat her food! So anyway, i voiced out my displeasure to another Malay colleague who is sitting in another room. and she was shocked. she told me that the rest of the malay colleagues are already planning to hold this open house thingie next week and they dont mind coz it's all about spreading joy to everyone thru food ma! Honestly, if you know you cannot afford it and you already told the whole world you cannot afford it, then just fucking dont do it la. why so berdrama-drama for???? what is her whole purpose of this drama la? she seems like she enjoy making people upset!!!

Case #4

So, the next day after the above mentioned drama, she called a supplier to talk business then next thing we know, she asked the supplier make an open house for her. and she specifically requested for lemang, ketupat, rendang ayam.... and god knows what la. No, i m not that kaypoh to eavesdrop her. she has a built in loudspeaker in her vocal cord. i got disgusted all over again. who is the one who drama drama the previous day about having to provide food for open house? then next day, she got the cheek to ask from a supplier??? fucking thick skinned and hypocritical, no??

Case #5

This one i didnt see it with my own eyes la. End of last year, Big Boss mom passed away. And the bosses brought over some fruits that were offered to the funeral rites thingie. when she 1st found out, she was voicing her displeasure that the muslims cannot eat these kinda thing. so fine lor. we non muslims and non pantang ppl eat lor. no big deal ma. but apparently, one of my colleague saw her standing by the fridge at the pantry cramming one of the fruit into her mouth suspiciously and quickly... like scared kena tangkap (get caught)!! like wtf??? why la wanna be so hypocritical????

Case #6

She is fucking rude. As said, she has a fucking built in loudspeaker. and she loves to screamed at our names when she wanted to ask something. like her hands are broken, cannot pick up the phone to intercom us like that! somemore the way she screamed our names is like she found out we have done something wrong and wanted to reprimand us! but no! that's not even the case! most of the time she screamed at our names to seek favour from us!!!! there was once, i lost my cool and i totally ignored her screaming my name. she screamed about 3 times and i still refused to acknowledge her. she came over to my cubicle and asked me: Engko pekak ke apa??? (are you deaf or wat??) and i just told her: if you want to speak to me, speak to me nicely. dont shout here and there! learn to talk nicely 1st before you talk to me!! and then i continue to do my work and ignore her. of coz that pisses her off big time la. and she complained to the bosses and i just told the bosses what happened. and she got reprimanded :D

that's all the stories i have la... i am sure others also got other stories about her but these are enough to make me avoid talking to her completely if it's not about work!


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  2. you can consider to compile and have tis short stories published....

  3. lol! and titled it as: The story of Ms Disgusting ? :P