Friday, October 1, 2010

Ms Know It All...

omg... i seriously honestly hate Ms Know It All! Let's recap about her:

A mother, a very extremely thick skinned person, a very kaypoh bitch, a hypocrite, a person who always claimed that she knows everything, a person who thinks that she is perfect, a person who thinks that everyone loves her (eventhough people has been telling her otherwise in her face), a person who is self involved, self centered and delusional, a person who politics like nobody's business, a person who will not turn down a chance to belittle or reveal another person's wrong doings in front of the boss and the other party just so that she can look good in front of the boss, a person with no ethical values, a judgemental bible thumper who abuses Lord's name in vain for her own gain and not because she truly love HIM, a cunning person... the list can go on and on and on......yes, basically someone you all hate a lot.

so anyway, what happened ah? welp, she has been extremely irritating since the begining of time and i've been openly avoiding her, avoiding talking to her and avoiding having lunch with her. i do not talk to her unless it's about work and that also i minimised the chance to talk to her. she is so kaypoh to the extend that when we are talking amongst ourselves some 4cubicles from her, she will suddenly masuk campur and shout from her cubicle to input her comments which we all dont appreciate at all coz it's always non of her fucking business.

so today, as usual, i was just asking Finger (sitting next to me) if he wants to join us for lunch. Then MW (sitting behind me) told me she wants to join. then next thing we know, Ms Know It All chimed in and say that she wanna join. you see, as i said before, i dont like to have lunch with her and yes, it will kill me if i go out lunch with her coz she will dominate all the conversation all about her, her daughter, her son or her husband. if not, she will dominate the conversations by bitching about other colleagues which we do not want to hear at all. and i've told her to shut up before told her we are not interested in listening to her, but she still continues. which prompts me to decide not to have lunch with her. not only me la. everyone else also dont wanna eat with her. so anyway, today, she wants to join. and i openly told her off in front of everyone:

Me: no, you may not join us, because we dont want you to!
she: i wanna go to the bank! so i wanna be thick skinned today and join!
me: u wanna go bank, u go urself la! dont drag us! and no, i m not joking! u are not welcome!
she: i dont care, i will just drive and meet you all there!

which i simply ignore her thinking that she couldnt be so thick skinned. and then MW started to bitch to me about Ms Know it All and how much she hates her. come lunch time, she obviously waiting for us to go out. and i purposely sit at my cubicle not moving and i was already flaring up, i mean, what the hell???? where got ppl so thick skinned one???? then MW walked down first to smoke and she joined her below. So we were up here thinking, what the hell?? i was so tempted to just tell all them, no, i rather not eat at all if she join us. so we camp in the office for another few more minutes. but i got pissed. the more i wait, the more i got pissed and i feel that she is being a bitch for putting me in this unwanted situation if only she fucking 'seng mok' la! so i stormed down and when she sees us:

she: come! i drive!
me: no, i already told you i dont wanna eat with u!
she: why la you like that??
me: why you so thick skinned?

everyone else was feeling awkward. and MW decided to be a hypocrite and reprimanded me telling me that i shouldnt behave this way. but i told her, this is lunch time and it's my own personal time, i have the rights to choose whom i wanna eat with. if she wanna join her, just join la. i can go eat by myself. i am ok. Ms Know it All then decided to give up and went off alone. which prompted MW to scold me even more. which i got even more pissed. so the whole lunch, i've got reprimanded by MW and 5cm. Then it got too much for me, i voiced out: if there is nothing wrong with her, then how come no one else in the company wants to have lunch with her and avoided her?? why is she alone now?? shouldnt she do some self assessment ah??

that shut everyone up.

it's the 3rd day i am not smoking and i seriously wish to smoke now!!!!

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