Saturday, August 28, 2010

MACC: Internal Affairs

Last month when I heard about this stand up comedy, i instantly rakusly told LM and Minger about it and LM rakusly drove over to Jaya 1 to get the tix (yes, we were pretty kiasu to get the tix 1 month before the show - and we are damn glad we did! coz the tix got sold out waaaayy before the show start! :D)

So last night, we went for it. Prior before this, i was reading via tweeter how good the show is and my expectation went up real high...

and i was not disappointed at all Macha (!) *inside joke*

so anyway, after this MACC show, i realized our Malaysian comedians are really really really good and i am hooked! And Kuan Jenhan is such a hottie! :D *wipes drool* and after the show, minger actually went home and stalked on his FB and she found out that he has the same bday as me! :D

so this coming thursday, we will be heading down to Zouk for another round of stand up comedy :D and i really hope it will be good as well! :D

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