Thursday, August 26, 2010

so much in my mind. but dunno where to start.

1. i've come across a group of ultra bitches in twitterverse and they are seriously really stupid, shallow, annoying and bitchy to the max. suddenly one fine day they decided to bitch about someone else online and maliciously laughing at how 'ugly' she is and all that. wanna know the funny part? the bitches are all damn ugly! they even laugh at that person's dress sense. but the bitches dress sense are worst! it came to a point that whatever they tweet about her, it sound like as if they are tweeting at themselves, laughing at themselves. =.=" they are so damn immature and high school! grow up bitches!

2. work wise. same old same old. i've lost my energy to even fight anymore. so nowadays i dont talk much. i feel that it's no point trying to talk sense to them. time to move on.

3. went bentong with the karchengs 2 saturdays ago to have local fruits feast. omg... i had so much durian until i almost died. yes, almost died. coz i was already sick and i went and eat durian and i can feel my internal body heat making me almost faint. and i was sweating buckets in an aircon room! then later that night, i had nose bleed =.="

4. Aunty Ruby's annual charity drive is around the corner and we are trying to gather as many packets of rice as possible! please do drop me a line if you would like to contribute :D

ok. i dont know wat to write alre. back to work.

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