Tuesday, August 17, 2010


nope, didnt abandon this blog. very extremely busy at the moment. Finger is on leave for a whole week and i've been drowning with work and baby seating the tantrum throwing 5cm.

honestly, if he stop throwing tantrum and focus on his job, perhaps the work can get done faster!

as it is, i've already taken 2 major time consuming task from Finger's job and all 5cm need to do is calculate and fax it over to the agent. and it's not even a tough calculation! just adding up totals! and yet he can throw tantrum and scream and shout and drama at Big Boss.

and as usual, when he start a drama, he needs the whole village to be dragged into the drama and so my name was dragged in so many fucking times and i dont even fucking know what hits me!

i just want to ignore all and everyone and faster do my job so that i can faster go home. is that so damn fucking difficult????

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