Saturday, June 12, 2010

the company trip (reposting coz added vid)

As you all know, i went for my company trip 2 weekends ago. and it was fun fun fun!

Day 1

Arrive Eagle Ranch Resort at around 3ish 4ish. Checked in, check our rooms and then went to the pub to drink (what is company trip without drinking? - especially when the boss is a closet alcoholic :P). Discussed a bit on the games that we were to play that nite during BBQ. And then we decided that we didnt have enough 'kar chang' for the games. Went out to buy. Then we got back to the resort to freshen up and prepare for the dinner by the poolside. We played a round of charade as an ice breaker and laughed until i wanted to roll on the floor :P. We then got divided into 3 teams that will fight for the grand prize by accumulating points from Day 1 to the last day.
This is where we stayed. We wanted to stay in the tepee tent but fully booked alre.

it'll be nice to stay in a round room :D some more i heard the bathroom is outdoor type :D

*bitch mode on*

Ms Disgusting was super disgusting. From the begining of planning for this trip, she told us she cant make it, eventho we tried to convince her to come. she didnt even participate in organizing the trip. then when we realized that we have enough $ to actually buy a TV as a grand prize, she started to act like she wanna come, dont wanna come. even on the eve of the trip, she was still playing hard to get. then on the day of the trip, Ms Know It All called her to check if she is coming or not; she didnt answer the phone for the whole morning. And when she finally return call, she told Ms Know It All that she is lazy to join us.... WTF??? that also nevermind la.... then when we were in the pub drinking, she called and Ms. Know It All tak sempat to answer the call and a few minutes later, Finger's phone rang (macam so desperate like that, right?). Ms Disgusting told us that she and her hubbie and her daughter will be driving down for the dinner. i got too disgusted la. she make it damn obvious that she is coming just to win the lucky draw. which prompted us to split the lucky draw to 2 days. wahahhahaaha... all the good prize were scheduled to draw the next day ;). they arrive right before we started the lucky draw. she and i were competing in the same batch (we need to complete a task before we get to choose the prize we want. who complete 1st, will get to choose 1st). my batch's task is to finish a whole bottle of coke using a straw. fucking difficult, wei! and she, being kiasu, finished it 2nd and took the prize i was eye-ing. then the disgusting part happened. right after she got her prize, she told boss she wanted to leave. boss got pissed and told her she cant leave. and so she and her hubbie and her daughter sat one corner being anti social and dont wanna join us till the end. fucking disgusting, right???

*bitch mode off*

anyway, my team was leading from the begining when we won the Ms CR contest (we gotta dress up one of the guys in the team using the props given - i wanted so much to be in Finger's team so that i can put make up on him :P). But my guy was good la. He look like a fairer version of Will Smith and he was damn sporting lor. We used baloons as his boobs and he was squeezing his 'boobs' all the way :P after dressing up, the guest judge will choose the best looking Queen :P before that, they have to do a round of catwalk. Finger were one of the Queens and that night was really an eye opener for me coz i never realize he can be so sporting :P he actually did the catwalk, albeit the fact that he walked like a balak/robot and his boobs were only A Cup and somehow his team mates were really failed la... so many girls in his team but all dunno how to put make up on him. either that or just purely no teamwork at all. but i know he has done his best and went beyond his boundary. coz he did tried to flirt with the judge to get more points :D no pix coz the cameraMEN havent load the pix into the server yet. Edit: here's the pix :D

The guy in red was the winner :D

Here's the vid of the 'catwalk'. very dark and blur still can see bit bit la... quite bad camera person =.="

and the winner is..... :D

the dinner ended at around 11pm and everyone went back to the room. then next thing we know, Guest Judge, Ms Know it All and i hijacked Big Boss and Lady Boss' room and ended up drinking warm red wine that Guest Judge smuggled in :P. Bad move. Next day woke up with horrific sore throat. anyway, went back to the room at around 1am and mandi. niama, mandi halfway no water. fucking tulan lor.

Day 2

Woke up too early. waaaaayyy too early. didnt get to sleep much. must be the feng shui in the room coz i kept waking up every 30mins. went for the sucky breakfast (ya, the food in the resort is a huge let down). After breakfast, we played paintball. my first ever paintball and it was fucking scary wei! after the paintball session, we all went back to the room to mandi and then off to lunch. after lunch, we had our 2nd round of lucky draw... AND I FUCKING WON THE GRAND PRIZE! - 32" Toshiba LCD TV! :D which i m planning to sell it off la... cheap cheap.... RM1200 only :D why? coz i memang already got an LCD tv at home ma... so might as well sell it and put the money into my Tabung Kebajikan Singapore Trip ;). anyway, after the lucky draw, we proceed to have telematch. it was damn fun but fucking tiring. My team ended up come in 2nd coz we didnt have much strenght and i m a liability. (ya ma... ppl run, i waddle. how not to be a liability? :P) but it was all fun la. we laughed so much until stomach cramp. after the telematch, we had free and easy time. i rushed back to the room to bathe and sleep (but cannot sleep la). the rest went for go karting.

Victory dance by the winning team... :P (apparently the rest dont wanna dance coz too malu :P)

For dinner, we went to Pantai Ria Seafood Restaurant. OMFG. the food is seriously fucking good wei! It's located at Teluk Kemang. go eat! u wont regret! the something something lai liu har damn good :P started to have pounding headache towards the end of the dinner. after dinner, a few of them hijacked the bosses room again. but i excused myself. dah la pounding headache, whole body aching from the activities, sore throat and not enough sleep, i cant drink no more la. but i ended up not able to sleep again. waking up at every 30mins. i seriously think something is wrong with the room la...

Day 3

being anti social, i didnt join their activities - Rope Course or something like that. basically, climbing ropes and go thru obstacle course. sampat.... i dont have sense of balance, how to play wor? so i slept in. still not enough sleep :( Checked out at 12pm then we drove to Port Dickson town to makan at Pak Lang kopitiam. LM highly recommended the french toast - ya... it's fucking good. the rest of the food? ma ma tei la... the service is fucking slow lor... like all of them are sloth or something like that..... after lunch, we drove to Seremban to buy Siew Pau. Then come back.

That, my kawan kawan is what happened during company's trip.

Will blog about my trip up north soon la.... gotta go now :D