Saturday, June 12, 2010

uptight fella

so i was in innit pimping my blogpost and i saw this. i seriously dont understand why are ppl so uptight? what is there to feel offended about? you are offended because whatever he joked about is true and u cannot take the truth? or you are offended because he is describing you, EXACTLY??

sheesh... if you can't take jokes, then dont watch any stand up comedies la... go slit your wrist or something!

EDIT: whoa... i just realize that fella is only 13yrs old. tsk tsk tsk. no wonder la.


  1. hi there, i m agree with you..he got too uptight with it..LOL...ohya, i love the momo pic you are having as profile pic one..damn cute lor..hahahaha...clicked ur ads...