Friday, June 11, 2010

the stalker story - pt2

i think he is really psychotic. he came over last nite around 12something 1 something making a commotion requesting me to open the door. i think the neighbours are hating me now...

at 1st i ignore him. pretending i m not in - ya, a bit the stupid, given the fact that my car is there and my sandals is outside... but the commotion got too loud la. seriously, not funny to have ur door knocked at in the middle of the nite u know?? so i gave up and opened the wooden door.

no. i did not let him in. i m not that stupid. but i did the LK's stunt :D (i am mightily proud of it wei!)

I told him if he dont shut up and leave quietly, i will call the police. he thought i wouldnt. so i used my handphone and pretended to dial 112, and then pretended to press call and this is what i say:

Hi.. i m Big Cow. My address is blah blah blah.... har?...uh-huh, uh-huh.... erm... ya. correct. anyway, i would like to make a police report... har? ya ya...ha? why ah? there's this guy is harrassing me outside my house door and i am scared.... ya.... he scary... ya ya.... har? i dunno... scared... dunno.. dunno.... can faster abit?... ya... very scared... oh! great!10minutes??? ok ok! thank you so much!

that chicken shit got mad. and asked me why i did that (he believed). and started to scold me for being heartless and all he wanted was a chance.... right..... and luck would have it (i think my luck has finally change for the better), a police car really did pass by with siren on (it's quite a normal occurrence for the police to pass by with the lights on but not the siren). you should see his face wei.... damn classic kodak moment! he looked so panicked like he is gonna pee in his pants or something :D and then he rushed down :D

the whole drama ended at around 1something 2.

*yawn* fucking sleepy now.

i need to change the lock very soon. better to be safe than sorry lor.

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