Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sawadee @ Subang SS15/4B

it was sort of an impromptu thingie. LM, See and i were suppose to meet at TCM last nite coz i wanted to meet one of their friends to buy Unit Trust using my EPF account but that fella not free to meet. So we started to talk about dinner. what should we eat? See and I wanted to have steamboat since it was raining yesterday but LM veto-ed. after discussing for awhile with many suggestions thrown in, *light bulb moment*, why not just go Sawadee? Tomyam also good for cold weather mah! :D

Sawadee was intro to me by Small Cow. We went there a couple of weeks ago with the Medium Cow and i enjoyed it tremendously. Especially the Salted Egg Sotong.

Anyway, here's the food we ordered last nite for 4.

Seafood Tom Yam.. not the best i've ever tasted coz it's a lil sweet and creamy. i think this has santan in it. still prefer the santan-less white tom yam :D

Green Curry Chicken. NAIS! :D

Pandan Chicken - ok la. nothing to complain nor compliment. It was normal :D

Salted Egg Sotong - ok. this one is super duper nais! i love it to the max and if i have my way, i would've order it 2nd round :P

Sambal Belacan Baby French Bean - nice! i love French Beans :D

And that, my kawan kawan, is my attempt to do a food review :"P sorry la the pix blur coz hor my hands damn shakey - too hungry ma :P

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