Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cotchy post :D

being a cotch (cow bitch), i always enjoy a good bitching session. it all started with Kimberlycun tweeted about this ugly PS job that another 'fehmes' blogger did. and being curious, i sort of begged her to gimme the link so that i can see. i didnt know who this 'fehmes' blogger Kim was talking about at first, but i have a feeling it's the same person i was thinking about. so i went to her blog to check, but dont have, all also her diving pic (ya, go guess who la). then kim gave me the link and lo & behold! memang that blogger and it was in her FB lol!

then i started to email kim to tell her a story that i made up between that blogger and another fehmes male blogger and i dont know about kim, i was actually enjoying bitching with her lor :D and and kim gave me a link to her old entry describing this 'fehmes' blogger. :D

go! go read that entry! all describing 1 person :D