Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sicko from Turkey

Yes u! That fella that were looking for 'big cow porno'! Wtf is wrong with u? Human p0rn doesn't satisfy u no more? Need to search for animal p0rn? No, even worst, big cow p0rn?! Wtf? Anyway, ever since i played omerta and met many nasty, rude, despicable, unethical, evil, arrogant, asshole and stupid turks, i've despise them since! My 1st encounter with a turk, he cheated me off my heist profit and then attempted to kill me! Thank god i was in a fam! Then another turk killed my cousin online! No reason or rhyme! Then one version, a bloody turk family killed my family. But we pwned them in the end by hijacking their fam ;-) basically, i don't like turks and today, they gimme extra one more reason to hate them! Sicko!

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