Wednesday, May 12, 2010

weird dreams

i dream every night. without fail. and most of the dreams are weird and dramatic.last nite's dream was about me not making things clear with him. i didnt really want to tell him: hey, we are off! i wanted to just do the silent break. not contacting him and not meeting him. but last nite's dream makes me realized i should make things clear. i dreamt that i went movies with him and suddenly Pet Pet (whom, in my dream were suppose to be the new guy in my life - funny how Pet Pet comes into my dream when i havent seen him in ages! :D) was sitting next to me as well. so we ended up talking before the show started and caught the jokes in the movie when others didnt catch it and laughed together. whilst that psycho was just sitting quietly watching the movie. after the movie, i told Pet Pet i need to leave with the psycho and he got upset and then the psycho got upset and i woke up =.="

i woke up feeling weird and decided that today is the day i will make things clear with him. i didnt wanna meet him face to face coz he is psychotic so i was left with either sms or email. both small cow and minger suggested email coz that will make it seems cold and he will give up easier and no need to waste my phone bill on him :P and so i did. the 1st email i drafted was pretty harsh and minger advised me to edit it coz that fella is psychotic he might come over and attack me or something. so i typed this:

Hi Psycho,

Things are not working out between you and i. You are not the type of guy for me. Please look for someone else.

Big Cow

short and sweet, no? i hope he wont come drama on me la... =.="

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