Tuesday, April 13, 2010

when to watch "When in Rome" last nite courtesy of churpchurp :D

it was a last minute thingie as i missed out on the contest. then yesterday @churp2 tweeted that they have 5 more pairs of tix to give away. so i mah faster kiasuly go and try my luck :D

since it's a last minute thingie, the seats we got is possible the worst in the cinema. but not that bad coz cineleisure's seats no matter how bad also still comfortable one :D

I seriously enjoyed "When in Rome" a lot. makes me sort of believe in love again. but then again, i m just way too old for love liao.... i dont know la... like part of me wish i have a prince charming sweeping off my feet and the other part of me just tell me to wake and face reality.

or maybe i just dont know how to feel contented. i mean i m afterall currently sort of in a relationship. i just dont feel any sparks leh.... he is just plain psychotic la =.="

anyway, going to watch "Date Night" tonite courtesy of Nuffnang :D and ash also dapat tix for the movie. So i guess we will meet each other there lor :D

Small Cow and i planning to makan at Shih Lin tonite since it's near the cinema :D but then again, i m famous for being fickle minded. i might change my mind later =.="


  1. wei... no such thing as too old to fall in love ok... :) enjoy your movies... !

  2. Redbabe, thanks :D sometimes i just feel that pass my shelf date alre =.="