Wednesday, April 14, 2010

omg omg omg omg.... in 24hrs time i should be arriving my vacation location :D cant wait wei! :D

anyway, went to watch Date Night with the Small Cow last nite courtesy of Nuffnang. It is super funny... i laughed until sorethroat =.="

there was a technical glitch before the screening which resulted the movie to start 30mins late. it was one of the longest 30mins in my life coz the noise level was so damn bad wei... especially the bloody group of high pitched annoying bitches behind me. =.=" not only that, ppl macam jakun, started to snap pix everywhere.... the flashlights were pretty annoying.... grrrrr..... ya, i actually cant stand those bloggers =.="

anyway, when the movie starts, everything is forgotten coz it was pretty good :D

but personally, i prefer When in Rome better. ya. me a stupid romantic =.="

this morning, i received the usual updates from him. i dont know how to dump him anymore la... le sigh

oh oh, before the movie, small cow and i had dinner nearby and erm... i wont go back there to eat again :P

i realized how much small cow and i is looking forward to this vacation of ours coz we got a lot of stuffs to ensure we will enjoy ourselves to the max....

shit... we forgotten to get mosquito repellent... =.=" oh well.... i think the man heong should be sufficient la... no? :P

alamak... i stopped for awhile and now i no more mood to cont. bye....

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