Monday, April 19, 2010

i have fallen in love....

... with Ruby's Resort! We just came back from a 3d2n stay at Ruby's and i tell ya.... it's just not enough for me la!

1st night/1st day/2nd nite

We left KL at around 2.40am and kena roadblocked near Batu Caves area.... we were damn hyper and happy lor... singing along with the mp3 player and talking and laughing. small cow drove the 1st half of the leg and we switched when we arrived Termeloh rest area. Told small cow to look out and see the stars and she went oooohhh ahhhh =.=" anyway, she fell asleep not long later and i took my own sweet time driving. got myself lost a lil in Kuantan then bought more ice for our cooler box. i was getting more and more kancheong coz i wanted to reach ruby's before sun rise... but alas! reach there that time sun alre risen halfway :(

We arrived Auntie Ruby's at around 7something. We parked the car outside the gate and decided that no sane resort will let us check in so early. so we went to the beach and i tried to tan a bit :P gave up tanning around 8something and we asked Aminah (the working there) if we can check in and she told us Auntie Ruby is still sleeping. we decided to go Kemaman for breakfast since we are so early. when we went to take the car, we saw the gate being chain locked alre =.="

went to Hai Peng, had our yummilicious breakfast (i agree with Redbabe, our Kluang's coffee and toast is much nicer :D) then we went back to the resort. This time, the resort is alive and bustling with activities. Meet Auntie Ruby for the 1st time and straight away i like her. she damn funny lor and her labrador, stout, is sooooooooo cute! lol! his tail kept on whacking us coz he was happy to see us, and it's a good massage wei :D

Funny snippets from Auntie Ruby on the day we checked in:

Auntie Ruby: You girls are crazy! 6something already arrive!
We: no la.. we reach around 7something leh!
Auntie Ruby: My security told me Jessica is here and i told him "Cepat kunci pintu"
We: =.="
Auntie Ruby: so bad hor me?
We: ya =.="
Auntie Ruby: i not bad, you all wont love me
We: =.="

after we checked in and put our bags into the room, i terus mandi coz i was sticky and oily from the suntan oil :P then after mandi, we slept till about 4ish. went to the beach to catch more sun and then went back to the chalet to get to know our neighbour better and drank a bottle of beer. and we noticed since it's too late to go see kelip kelip, we decided to take our time to bathe and drive out to Tong Juan in Kemaman to have stuff crab. after dinner, we were damn full and we decided to drive further north to Paka to see the burning chimney.

when we reach back ruby's resort, it's already 12ish and i was pretty beat. i went to bathe, after mandi, Tanty came over and invited us to go over the the cafe area to chit chat. and so off we went and chat and laughed and smoke. it was damn laid back and fun :D i think we went back in at around 1something 2... slept

day 2

wanted to gungho to wake up at 5.30 to see sun rise but cannot la... slept till about 9am and got ready to sun tan. after tanning for about 1hr, i gave up, coz the sweat were going into my eyes and i got irritated (mental note to self, bring face towel to the beach next time). went back to the resort and auntie ruby asked us to makan breakfast. woke small cow up and off we went for breakfast. after breakfast, we went to explore the resort more. everyone was busy getting the rooms ready for the japanese guests that were checking in that day. bathed, then Tanty asked us to join her go Kemaman to makan. we went and talk and laughed. after food, we went back to the resort to chill a bit. i wanted to go back to the beach at around 4ish to tan more (coz it seems like my skin just wouldnt tan) but i was too lazy so we just sat at the balcony to drink more beer :P we got ready to go out and at 6.30, we ate dinner before going to watch firefly.

aunty ruby's food is pretty good... but kinda pricey.

anyway, the adventure start the moment we went to watch the firefly. i have a fear of drowning. and i was pretty scared when i teringat the sampan is very goyang-fying when we go up the sampan. and the very fact that i cant swim makes me even more takut. so when the conductor told me to move to belakang, i was like "What??? tak boleh la, takut! i duduk depat saje boleh ka?" and they went "ok, boleh" and i tell ya, it's a bad move lor... more ppl boarded the sampan and the sampan was even more goyang... i was pretty scared until almost cried. then off we went to see the firefly... it was pretty lor... but the small kid behind me were pretty annoying...

anyway, after about 1hr, we arrived back at the jetty and immediately there's this man telling us that the turtle is laying egg that nite and impulsively, we decided to go and watch. that was the biggest mistake of our lives! we paid RM25/pax to trudge on wet sand, climbed rocks and fall down and then hiked for about 2km to release baby turtles and then waited 30mins or so to watch the turtle lay 3 biji of eggs before kena pushed off by some ppl =.=" then we trudge back 2km to our car. by the time we reached the car, we were seriously pretty dead. when we reached Ruby's Tanty came over to our car excitedly and asked: "Are you girls feeling lucky tonite??" and we went "Why ah?" and told us that the turtle is laying eggs right infront of us that nite! FOL! niama! we dont need to trudge for 2km, no need to climb rocks, no need to fall down to see turtle laying eggs! and it's the same price! =.=" we parked the car and decided to join them to talk but not to watch the turtle coz i seriously need to save money... but in the end, we also ended up seeing it... whilst waiting for the turtle to lay eggs, we were sitting on the cool clean beach gazing at stars and chatting with Auntie Suzy they all.... after turtle watching, we went back to the room. we took our own sweet time to bathe and then went to the balcony to drink more beer and talked and snacked. by the time we slept it was around 4ish.

Day 3

woke up at 11ish and packed... i was packing with heavy heart lor... :( by the time we check out was already 12ish and since we were too late for the breakfast at the resort, we drove straight to Hai Peng for food. on the way there, we realized that we didnt return the room keys to Auntie Ruby, but since we were damn hungry and we will definitely pass by Aunty Ruby's again, we just dont bother and go makan 1st :D after makan, we realized that auntie Ruby called twice (phone was on silent) and then Small Cow called Aunty Ruby back, the 1st thing Aunty Ruby said on the phone when she answered was: "Why la you wanna take my key back home?" lol! anyway, we stopped to get some Satar and lekor then went back to Auntie Ruby's and ended up hanging out for about 1hr plus only we decided to leave.

stopped by to buy the usual ikan bilis and udang kering then off we went to KL. went to the curve immediately for dinner then walk around the flea market before we balik rumah. reached home, straightaway wanna cry coz got so many chores to do.... :( welcome back to reality :(

that, my dear friends is how my vacay went. i am planning to go back there again coz seriously, it was really a superb holiday :D and as Redbabe says, Auntie Ruby's is addictive :D


  1. ;) Now you shld know how I felt :)

  2. ya, i know exactly how you feel esp the time u went and it's raining and yet you and Harrison still enjoy yourselves :D

  3. I fully agreed with u, Auntie Ruby is addictive.

  4. ya... so addictive until we are planning the next trip alre :D