Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vacay again! :D

On the last day of our trip to Ruby's Resort, Auntie Ruby and Aminah asked us when is our next trip there and we told them we need to plan 1st.

When we left Ruby's office, small cow and i had this conversation:

Small Cow: I really wish to spend my birthday here this year. Just like Tanti
Me: Then ma come lor. You know i sure on one mah
Small Cow: Ya, but i dont know if the rest want to come or not.
Me: Aiyah, i'M sure they will come since it's ur bday.

reflecting back now, i guess i gave them too much credits.

i dont know why is it that everytime we start a thread on an activities, there are a lot of comments inputs and suggestions (and most of the times those comments or suggestions sounded like a wet blanket on our enthusiasm - i know they might not mean it, but we, at least i felt it lor. I mean before we suggested anything we put some thoughts into it before we say it out, so when i see those comments, i feel like they think we r just fooling around or something) but it always ended up with no actions or seems to go towards the no action side.

it's like NATO. No Action, Talk Only.

Anyway, i am not gonna let Small Cow be disappointed on her bday. The few of us who can make it will go straight ahead with the plan. hell, even if the rest decided to FFK the last minute, we will still go ahead :D coz it's already proven that we 2 had a lot of fun at Aunty Ruby's.

anyway, am super excited about the plans thus far. LM will be coming too, so, it's confirmed 3 ppl going. Medium Cow, are you coming or not? Maybe at a later date more ppl will join. maybe.

i've just called Aunty Ruby and told her there are 3 of us confirm going to visit her this december. and incidentally, small cow's bday is on awal muharram and i asked aunty Ruby if she is gonna charge us surcharge for the eve and actual day or not. she say for eve she can waive it off but for the actual day, she has to stick to the price. oh well at least better than nothing. anyway, auntie ruby say that she will mark off 3 of the RM130 rooms for us 1st and confirm with her soonest possible if we really need the 3 rooms or more or less so that she can also arrange her bookings.

we are also planning a trip to Singapore. I am actually kinda excited with the trip :D i mean it's been years since i last been to Singapore. the only sad part is we are going for an ultra short trip :( So far there are many places i wanna revisit. Mandrake will most likely meet us one of the days and my cousin might also meet us. Hopefully got time la... i think this trip is gonna be ultra tiring... there are just so many places we wanna go :D so many things i wanna eat also.... cham.... :P

ok... i've left this post for way too long and i've lost my momentum alre... going back now :P oh, and if any of u suddenly feel sensitive about what i say at the begining, i mean every single words i wrote. This is not the 1st time it happened. I know u all have your own opinion. But think about it, we've been there, so obviously we know what's best and what's not. Don't even lemme start on the annual leave part. If annual leave is an issue, how come hong kong trip planning that time wasn't an issue? Want to go, go. Don't wanna go, don't say so much!

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