Friday, April 23, 2010

i dont understand why Ms. Know It All always trying to pull me in to her bloody politics. and it seems like she is either fucking thick skinned or fucking stupid not to get it. coz everytime she bitched to me about others i always say the same thing: why the fuck are you tell me? you go tell him/her la! i dont wanna know and dont wanna get involve!

yes, the exact sentence.

Here's the list of ppl whom she has been bitching to me:

Monday: Finger
Tuesday: Finger and 5cm
Wednesday: Finger, 5cm and Ms. AFM
Thursday: Ms. AFM
Today: Ms AFM, Ms PA and Ms Newly Mom.

and everyday also i told her off and show her muka cibai. why still dont get it one?


anyway, most likely meeting my cousin from SG next weekend. it could be fun.

oh oh.... i am having a conflicting feeling about the Singapore trip now. i am looking forward to it coz it's been ages since i last been there... but at the same time, i am dreading it coz i know it's gonna be damn fucking tiring.... the amount of walking we are gonna do... omg.... :D


i think i really got ADD or something... i left this post idle yet again and i cant remember what i wanted to write - AGAIN....

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