Thursday, April 8, 2010

mental diarrhea

7 more long days to the vacay.... omg... i can't hardly wait!

got the invites to Date Nite next week. Thanks Nuffnang! :D Ash also dapat the invites. :D

i've got stuffs to talk about... but for the life of me, i just cant really remember what to talk about =.="

there were a 3 days war in the office recently and i m pretty much drained from it all.

filed my income tax and found out i will get more money back. yay! :D

i wanna 'break off' with that guy. i really do. fuck.... i just dont dare to 'dump' him la =.="

the more i chat with him and get to know him better, the more i know he is a totally useless and psycho guy. and he is definitely not the kinda guy that i want. and with his mentality, he will only find happiness from a girl from some really ulu and backward country like Tibet or something like that =.="

ok. maybe i judge too quick. maybe i see all the bad points and not bother to see his good points. maybe i should try again. maybe.

but i m so damn fucking annoyed with him wei. i wish to take a hammer and hammer his head wei!

omg. i think i m bleeding soon.

dear period god, if you wanna make me bleed, pls lemme bleed now or after my trip! thank you.


  1. yo... mana pergi? hope u have a great vacay anyway...:)

  2. Eh? This is so weird. I approved redbabe's comment but how come cannot view one? My phone problem, i guess. Anyway, to answer ur question, i m going to visit your friend, ruby @ cherating next thurs ;-) can't wait wei! :-)

  3. Eh? Now i like make a fool out of myself -.-' redbabe's comment is all along here -.-'

  4. use piledriver.. gerdongdongdong like that so much better!


  5. Wahhahahahaha..... doubt he will geddit also :P

  6. hahahaha.... ok ok... i think blogspot problem... they are pretty kuku these days. Send my regards to aunty ruby :) Already missing the beach...;)

  7. Redbabe, ok will send ur regards to Aunty Ruby :-) i m really looking forward to this vacay! :-)

  8. going for a vacation is always fun! ah yeah, for ladies, having holidays during that time of the month is really troublesome.. =/

  9. Kenwooi, i think the god of period is not listening to my plea :-p