Monday, February 8, 2010

bitchy post...

... not for those who easily terasa....

Bitch Post #1

i think some ppl are just plain cunning and dungu. i suspect the whole drama of do you love me? you dont love me, do you? is just an excuse to break off with her. YOU want to break up with her, but YOU dont wanna be the 'bad' person in the relationship, so YOU decided to play this drama card knowing full well she cant take. I mean, if it's one time she break off with you over those statement, i will understand, it's ur insecurities playing tricks.... but it's like, what? 4-5 times SAME OLD FUCKING argument! i seriously think you are just mind fucking her. YOU wanna dump her coz YOU think the relationship is too expensive, but YOU are too chicken shit to admit that $ is the factor, so YOU decided to mind fuck her to make her dump YOU then, to make it seems like YOU are the pitiful victim, YOU decided YOU need to dramatize it further to repel her permanently from YOUR life by constantly sending stupid inane sms-es to her. Bloody hell, what the fuck do you want from her la?? Stupid cunt! this is the most stressful relationship i've ever seen her go into. Every few days YOU will start with your insecurities dramas when she has been patiently telling YOU that she loves you no matter what. But, no..... you are either too damn fucking stupid to fucking understand her fucking reassurance OR you are damn fucking disappointed that you can't get rid of her with all these nonsense drama, that's why YOU decided to add more fuel to the drama. Evil cunt! YOU KNOW BLOODY DAMN WELL SHE HAS BLOODY HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE! JUST FUCKING LET HER GO ALREADY!

damn fucking tulan lor. niama cipet! seriously, with a GIRLFRIEND like you, she dont need any enemies at all! YOU are slowly killing her! bitch! cunt! get out of her life!

Bitch Post #2

So we went to a party recently and met up with old friends. The best surprise of it all was to meet Mel Mel again. I've always like Mel Mel coz she is damn fucking funny and cute. :D Got to know new friends. One of them stands out the most. NOT because she is funny/nice/cute (she is la, but that's another story all together) BUT because she revealed something really juicy. She is the ex of someone whom i really dislike. Let's start naming the characters of this bitchy post:

KK - the girl whom i've met recently
TI - the girl whom i despise who is also KK's ex
SD - the girl whom i despise most (whom i may have or may not have blogged about her before)

sound messy? So anyway, apparently, KK and TI were in a loving relationship close to a year and suddenly one day, TI decided to dump KK without any reasons. Then 1 week later, KK learnt that TI and SD has hooked up. anyway, that's not really my concern, since bitches are meant to be together :D But what is so juicy is, on January 13 (or is it 12?), TI and SD had a huge fight and they almost break up. And TI being a slut, went running to KK and they fucked! (at this point when i heard this, i was gloating. my my, what a juicy piece of article i can write. but KK gave us a gag order. But since i am changing all their names, if anyone reading this post terasa and think it's them, then too bad lor. i cant stop you for being such a perasan bitch, can i? :D) Yes! FUCKED! as in had sex! meaning to say, TI cheated on SD. wahahahahahahahahahahahahah karma is great, isnt it? so, if you think you are SD, yes! You have been cheated on! whahahahaahhahaahhaahahahahahah and YES i am LAUGHING AT YOUR FACE!!!!! wahahhaahahahahhaahahahhaahahahahahahaha!

i know i m fucking bitchy. but at this point of time, i dont really care. coz i m bleeding soon. whahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


  1. All girls la, how to have sex? *puzzled*

  2. oh my... mun, r u trying to say that lesbians dont have sex?

  3. *GASP* MUN, you did not just said the 'all girls how to have sex' speech.. que horror..

  4. Big Cow, oic.

    SpiderLily, no, I don't mean that. Didn't know that they are lesbians.

  5. why are we even talking about lesbian sex now? the point of the bitchy post above is NOT about lesbian sex leh... :P