Monday, October 12, 2009

the nose that almost ran away, karaoke & guilty sesame seed cookies

saturday morning till noon, my nose attempted to ran a away. i sneezed non stop and i seriously thought i might really lose my nose, after suffering for a long time only i teringat i've got clarinase with me =.=" so yea, my nose were subdued not long later :D

then i guess you also know about me talking to Big Boss.

then head down to the Curve to meet up with Redbabe for karaoke session. i tell you ah, i damn over confident lor, i thought using NKVE sure not jam one... see see sampai kota damansara that time, jam like mad cow! which makes me sort of late alre la... then hor, i also damn smart la, tell myself, when masuk car park, straight away go B2 coz usually B2 quite empty one.... so i masuk car park lor... rounded like 4 times looking for the perfect parking (yes, there were empty space) only i realized, wei! i am suppose to head down to B2 la... yep, smart hor? round B1 4 rounds. =.=" and true enough, masuk B2 only, it's empty and i parked right next to the lift that opens right in front of RedBox. yes, i m that lazy :D Anyway, this is the 1st time i hang out with Redbabe la, so i was actually sort of shy and self conscious abit... but in the end it's all great and fun :D she smuggled a small bottle of black label in and we mixed it with our drinks (surprisingly mix with honey lemon taste good wor :D) after singing for 3 hours, and Redbox refused to let us sing somemore, we sat inside the room talk some, waiting to be chased out :D i had a great time la... but i was also damn groggy actually must be the fact that my nose almost ran away and that i havent had enough sleep for the past few days. :D

after karaoke, i balik and terus tidur until about 9pm kena woken up by Auntie Lisa (*looking at lisa* grrrr.... u woke me up..... grrrrr), i forgotten for what, i tried to sleep back, but cannot sleep liao and i've got like about 3hrs to waste before i go airport to pick Minger up.

Anyway, left my apt at ard 12.45am to minger's apt to get her car. i fiddled with her too-canggih-for-bigcow's-suaku-brains radio for 15mins and i couldnt figure out how to attach it... so i ended up fed up and listen to mp3 from my phone :P on the way to airport, minger called me to tell me that she just cleared immigration. and her voice sounded damn sad, depressed, guilty, suicidal and bo song and told me that she has something to tell me. so i thought wah, her travelling partner that bad ah? so i told her ok, we will talk later la. see see, when i saw her, and she told me that her travelling partner ter rosakkan my roller luggage bag. which i see it as no big deal coz i also dont really care about that bag one... then she proceed in telling me 1st nia alre rosak. and then she got pissed with the travelling partner so she made the travelling partner to buy extra 1 more box of the sesame cookies for me... wahhahahahahaaha.... but poor girl la, whole trip feeling guilty about the bag and when she come back she really got 'czar dou' coz i was like : oh ok, no big deal :D wahahahahahahahhaahaha but good also la, now i got extra cookies to munch... wahhahahahahahaaha.....

we went to jo's place the next day to pass the cookies and hang out there for a few hours. i wished we are still as close as before lor... but somehow i feel that the wall between us is like getting thicker like that... *le sigh*

*omerta update*

Rank Bruglione
Rank progress 77.52%

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

22% more to be Capodecina :D


  1. la la la la la.....................*grin*

  2. not my fault... you didn't come pick up the classifieds... so have to call you lah. how the hell i know you were sleeping!

  3. ohhh..... now i remember why u called liao :D

    dunno why i havent have the rakus feeling of looking for a job yet leh..