Saturday, October 10, 2009

talk - pt 2

so big boss got me into his room to talk. trying to make me stay. telling me of the near future plans of promoting me and increasing the salary. i said no. told him when i m demotivated, all these wont motivate me anymore la. i mean i wanna break from this vicious cycle la. coz the mistakes will keep on happening coz i have no more tricks in my bag to try to change them anymore. as i told him, hard also try alre, soft also try alre, neutral couldnt care less also try alre, but they still repeat the same mistake and ended up everyone kena scolding. so enough is enough la.

then he suggested i take a long break/holiday. and i told him cannot la. so what if i go for a long holiday, i come back, i will still see the same shit.

so after 1 hr of talking and he trying to convince me and i trying to convince him that i have made the correct choice, he let me go....

F.R.E.E.D.O.M never felt so good. feeling damn relieved now. :D

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