Saturday, October 10, 2009

back stabbing?

... i dont think so...

what happened?

so i finally decided not to avoid Lady Boss (yes, she has been trying to catch hold of me for the past 9 days trying to talk to me about me quiting) and talked to her last nite. i thought it will be a short one since even before the conference room door closed, i told that i wont change my mind one. :D

so she asked me la... why i am leaving is it an impulsive thing? do i wanna think about it? then i told her, 1st, i got demotivated. i just cannot find any motivation to work here anymore with the constant email bombings over issues and mistakes that is done by others that is beyond my control. also, yes, when i quit that day, i was impulsive, but then i became very certain that my decision to leave is a great one. she then asked me to tell her what should she do with Mr. S and Finger given the fact that firing them is impossible. i gave her a few ideas.

conclusion is? i m definitely leaving and i am not feeling sad at all. in fact, i m feeling pure relieved. i will definitely be sad leaving the friends i've made here la. lady boss and big boss is one of them. seriously, they are great fun friends to have. :D

she then offer me to give me time off should i need to go for interviews. yes, she is very nice. :D

she also admit that she wanted to retain me, but since i told her i m demotivated, she knows there is no point retaining me. i also agree lor... coz hor, mistakes are still being repeated left and right by Mr. S and Finger and i seriously dont know what to do anymore. and i told her la, i feel like i m a failure for not being able to keep up with my promise of 'Mothering' them. they are not controllable at all la. and i also feel like i am just wasting their paychecks. so yea. i m very very certain that leaving is for the better. :D

that aside, i cant wait till 2pm today! :D

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