Friday, October 9, 2009

i hate it when Mr S comes in early or on time (he usually steps in at 12pm when we all start work at 9am). coz when he does, it means that he is lack of sleep, meaning to say he will be throwing tantrum and refuse to listen and fuck up all the job.

also, he will be picking fight with all of us. here's what happened just now:

Big Cow: Mr. S, Singapore Import Permit is also call CCP, right?
Mr. S: what do you mean?
Big Cow: what do you mean by what do i mean? that is a very simple and direct question, i just need you to gimme a yes or no answer
Mr. S: CCP is call Cargo Clearance Permit
Big Cow: i know what the fuck CCP stands for. i just want to confirm if it is the same thing
Mr. S: then next time dont ask me question since you dont want to learn
Big Cow: what the fuck you mean? you are not even fucking listening to the question, are you fucking dumb or what???

Mr. S stormed off. yes, i m in a bitchy mode. infact, very very bitchy. i have no patience for stupidity today.

and no, in case you are wondering, i m not sexually frustrated nor am i pms-ing. i m just plain tired / sleepy coz i havent had enough sleep for the past few nights. that's why i m cranky

now, stop making me feel like i need to justify myself! grrrrrrrrrrr.....

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