Friday, October 9, 2009

pure bitchiness

this is gonna be pure bitchy post :D so if u get offended, i m not sorry, coz i already forewarned ma. but i doubt any of my limited readers will be offended coz i m not writing about any of u :D

ok, so i was looking thru my friend's FB pictures. and i must say, the wedding he went to... is so... ugh! sooooo ugly! the wedding dress is sooooooo urgh, the ppl wears damn urgh... and obviously they have no class at all la. although from the look of it, they seems damn rich but their richness gives me the impression that they are either orang kaya baru with really bad taste or they just have bad taste all over. omg. you should see the ppl wearing branded clothes but cant even carry it well, looks like petaling street punya baju, and the wedding dress... omfg... really one... i know la, she wants her wedding to be like fairy tale princessy wedding... but her dress is sooooo unflattering wei! looks so loose and ill fitted! really really really crassy. oh oh.. and the house... i looks like some kinda mosque. and the best part is, they are chinese! =.="

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