Tuesday, September 29, 2009

of ice cream and gardens

cousin and his family is in town for the next few days from SG. Staying at the Residence @ Gardens or something liddat la.. and me being the super suaku told him that i want to go to his room to snap pic :P coz i heard it's really really nice :D

anyway, minger needs to go to the Gardens to meet her freelance boss so i told her let's go visit them as well. so i called him and he asked me what am i gonna do whilst minger is meeting her boss and i told him: eat ice cream la! and now, he, his wife and 3 kids are super excited to meet for ice cream =.=" more excited than me wanting to see their rooms :P

so yea! in 2hrs time i will be having my ice cream (yes, i m having an ultra bad day at work, hence the ice cream) and meeting my nephews and niece :D and their parents of coz :x

oh oh, and my online husband from Holland (i think, or issit Belgium?) is coming to Malaysia this Feb and i told him i will definitely bring him go makan durians since he is such a meanie to me :P we are also planning to go to some island for holidays. no, there is nothing going between us, altho he is fuckable.... so i might go for it... ok, i m being a slut :P but at least i m being honest :P

been stalking on iggy wiser's blog recently. wow. she is really really really doing what she has always wanted to do, to live a destructive life. not only is she a freelance prostitute (konon-nya in her blog la), she is also a drug dealer and addict and living with those paki immigrants. wow. i sound snobbish. i m not, i m just paraphrasing what she is talking about. it's just that she has always dreaming of living such life. i dont know why. but her ultimate dream is to contract aids and die. i guess that's the reason why she is doing all these la... for moment, i felt sad for her, then i started to think, why should i when she is happy being self destructive? anyway, hope she get what she wished for la and not regret anything.

oh... we are planning to go sing k again soonish :P apparently the karaoke bug has bitten most of us and apparently we need to sing more OLD OLD songs.... :D really one... we were singing all those really super old songs... from my secondary school days like "You know i waiting for you or not?" (translate that in mandarin) :P and older songs like Sad Movies, Abba's songs... yes.... OLD! and then they even sang Liu Wen Zheng's song... omg.. :D but it was all fun la... now we are digging out all the old songs that we used to like when we were younger to sing for the next session =.="


  1. Also been thinking about karaoke lately. Do you think they have this kong tau thing arr, when biz no good arr... they just spread the kong tau????? So all of us feel the singing bug.... lols

  2. i think i m bitten by kiasu bugs la... kept on dapat vouchers from Redbox and Greenbox giving out free per head or free jugs of beers or free mugs of beers.... how to say no liddat? :P