Monday, September 28, 2009

of fantastic open house, drunked kawaii pose and the nose that ran away...

.... yea... gonna just blog about:

fantastic open house

day: Friday
place: Semenyih

What happened was, Big Boss totally forgotten about the date he has with our big customer. apparently Kak N invited all of us to her house to makan (she is apparently a great cook la). so at 6pm, Kak N sms-ed Big Boss "Where are you?" and Big Boss dengan selamba-nya replied: "Kat opis la, where else?" and then Kak N called him and ask him how come we are not there yet.... then only he realised his wu long-ness :P so at the last minute, with most of us about to go back, he started to lobby around twisting our arms to go with him. then Lady Boss was telling us la, knowing him, he will start off with telling us what a great cook Kak N is and if that doesnt work, he will launch a guilt trip like he is very kelian like that. But it works la for them :D Ended up, 7 of us went. And yep, Kak N is a fucking good cook wei! I enjoyed the food sooooo much that i went for 3 rounds and ate whole canister can full of rempeyek and tumpi (it's so damn fucking good wei!) :P and then tragedy struck... stomachache wor... and you know la.. malay house dont use toilet paper one..... so i cant go... :P so i forced Mr S to faster finish his food so that we can leave. :P and i tahan-ed 30mins journey back to office to go toilet =.=" but overall, it's damn nice la... makes me wanna eat rendang ayam and lemang again.. :P

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drunked kawaii pose

nope, aint gonna post up those embarrassing pictures... :P what happened? went karaoke with with Big Boss, Lady Boss, Asst Finance Manager, Ms Know it All, Mr S and Finger on Saturday. what's the occasion? erm... a stupid reason la... :D but it was fun nevertheless. we smuggled 4 bottles of red wine in, got free jug of beer and free 1 mug of beer. and we drank and ate and drank drank drank and within less than 2 hrs, we finished all the alcohol. i remembered i was pretty high and we started to snapped a lot of pic and somehow i was in a 'kawaii' mode. and yea, took a lot of embarrassing pic =.=" Asst Finance Manager was so damn cute. she was drunk already and fell asleep, then suddenly she can wake up and pick up the mic and start singing =.=" damn amazing wei :D i was really high and driving back was pretty scary... and yea, i dont really like the high but not drunk feeling coz when i sleep, my mind was still high-ing and i kept on trying not to puke - or at least i thought it was puke so i was holding it until around 8ish and i cannot take it anymore, went to toilet only to let out the longest burp ever =.=" after that, i got uninterrupted sleep... i should have done that earlier right?? :P

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the nose that ran away

says it all leh.. suddenly masuk office today and started sneezing and runny nose and bleeding nose. feeling damn sick now... =.="

conclusion: i wish to go more open house, big boss will never say i dont drink anymore coz apparently i kept on asking him to refill my glass :P and, i m sick and i should fuck off from here and go home :D



  1. *waves* + *kawaii pose with peace sign*

  2. wahhahahaaha... i sure can imagine u with the kawaii pose la :P