Wednesday, September 23, 2009


at ppl pms-ing and in return making others pissed off. like seriously, i hate it when ppl just jump to the conclusion or reading between the non existing line of: No jobs available. which part of the sentence did i mention that i m not even bothering to try? when my every actions (sending my resume to you immediately) shows that i m very interested in trying??? just becoz u are pms-ing, it doesnt mean that you have every fucking rights to make others pissed off as well, you know??? and the best best part of it all is, you sounded so damn fucking condescending, like i m some kinda dumbass. just becoz u have met with alot of ppl who acted like that doesnt mean i am like that ok? and i m so damn fucking disappointed at you to even think of me as such. *shakes head in disbelief* also, just becoz i m fucking unhappy with my job doesnt mean that i want to simply look for a job to jump while looking for something more permanent, ok? i dont want my resume to look like i've changed a lot of job - which as it is, looks pretty long to me! so, please use your condescending tone elsewhere. i dont need it.

at Finger for being, Finger =.=" when u fucking sweep the problem under the carpet, it doesnt mean that it has gone away ok??? how many fucking times do i need to remind you that? how many fucking times do you need us to cover your fucking ass for you?? you are as dumb as an ostrich! thinking that just becoz you hide ur fucking head in the fucking ground means that ppl cant see you! fool!

at Mr S for being, Mr S =.=" can u fucking stop acting all important and busy and actually get some work done???? can u fucking stop procrastinating your fucking work and then suddenly boom! a shit load of work ended up on my tray??? and can you fucking stop lying every single time you fucking open your bloody mouth??? you have screwed up, admit it and rectify it immediately instead of talking non stop and no action taken???? then in the end, throw all the problems at me and expect me to fucking clear it for you???? i m seriously sick and tired clearing your fucking shit when i myself have my own fucking job to do! and can you fucking stop dragging me into YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM WHICH YOU HAVE FUCKING CREATED YOURSELF???? whenever boss scream and shout at you, you will find excuses and then next thing i know, my name got dragged into the picture with no apparent reason! the best best part is, you go and tell boss you are fucking busy and every night you stay back in office because you needed to double check MY work. harlow??? fuck you and your grandmother's asshole! check my work??? i will be happy if you could fucking finish your work within the time frame given! check my work! omg. so damn fucking unbelievable. my work is so damn system based and you dont even fucking knw how to use the fucking system! check my work.... my my.... *shakes head in disbelief*

at myself for getting myself into this predicament of having sucky life.


  1. no la... just that i've bottling up all the frusts for the past few weeks, then something happened yesterday and i snapped lor... :P

    now feel much better after i meluahkan my hati alre :P