Monday, October 5, 2009

i quit!

yep.. i did... :D couldnt take the non stop email war from them anymore, so i quit.

sound like damn cool like that hor? but it was bad la... i was crying buckets in the office becoz of the emails. and then went drinking with cousins the very night and took 2 days mc after that :D

wat's my plan next? dunno.... kinda worried now...

did they try to retain me? got. sent me an email, but i malas to reply them. then they called me but i malas to layan them. i m just too pissed off.


  1. When one door closes, another door somewhere will open. :) So dont worry, be positive ok..:) All you have to do is just 'believe'.

  2. *keeping fingers crossed*

    worse come to worst, balik kluang for few months :D if really balik, when u balik that time, do find time to cari the lonely me :x

    no more friends in kluang alre :P