Tuesday, October 6, 2009

it's nice to talk to someone level headed, someone positive when you are down. thanks redbabe *waves* the chat with you is really uplifting :D

i've been rakusly applying for job since yesterday. hopefully i will dapat calls to go interview soon la :D that way, i dont have to go back to kluang and be bored :P

yes, my contingency plan, should i fail to look for another job in 2 mths is to go back to kluang to help my dad.... not really a good idea but better than being jobless ma :D

but i m quite optimistic that i will be able to get a job soon la :D so no worries :D

minger is in macau now. i could have been with her in macau as well, but silly me, decided not to go even tho tickets alre bought alre... no sort of regret.... the holidays will be great after these few stressful months :D

but nevermind, i can always go SG to find my cousins :D i believe if i wanna have fun, i can have it anywhere i want to be :D

so damn fucking positive right, this big cow? :D

really ma.... dwell and mopped around enough liao. now gotta pick up myself and be happily optimistic :D

btw, i think i am sort of having a crush on someone :D *giggles*


  1. *waves* you are most welcome!

    p/s: tak habis habis crush-ing. lols..