Saturday, July 11, 2009

what's install for me this weekend? hopefully some rest :D

what have i been doing the past few days? went durian buffet for 2 nights, had steamboat dinner for one nite :D

what am i gonna do today? we will be going to Jugra for beggar's chicken and then to Sepang Gold Coast for sunset steamboat dinner :D

what am i gonna do tomorrow? clean the toilet (like finally!) and pop by lisa's place to sign some documents.

what happened last nite? went durian buffet with lisa, lorenzo and horsie. halfway eating, lady boss sms-ed to tell us that she, finance manager, finger and mr s is on the way. and the came 1hr later :P

what else is new in my life? nothing. i m still rakusly ranking in omerta :D love my friends :D

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