Friday, July 10, 2009

Omerta, dramas & funnies...

... i know i've never blog about Omerta before. Which is kinda surprisingly given the fact that i am seriously really very addicted to the game :D. The game on the whole is B-O-R-I-N-G. It's a text based RPG game which you need a hell of a lot of imagination to make it interesting. :D Basically it's a mafia game where half of the players are rakusly ranking up by doing crimes, stealing cars & doing narcs and booze runs :P and the other half are just happily being a jail buster, busting ppl outta jail :P I am one of the ranking ones. I cannot understand the fun of busting people out coz i am a lousy buster. :D So anyway, what makes this game slightly more interesting than it sound is the funny scripts the script writers write. cant be arsed to find an example now coz as usual, when you want some funny example, you dont get it :P

Oh oh... another reason why this game is boring, you gotta wait for every few minutes to do a crime / nick a car / booze&narcs run....

but the whole real reason why i got addicted to omerta is the good friends that i've made all over the world for the past few years :D

(10:14:40) * Now talking in #tu.priv
(10:14:40) * Topic is 'ææææææ Welcome Home btw try to keep it english please || See you all next version somewhere :) thanks for the nice round ææææææ'
(10:14:40) * Set by blaaat on Wed Jan 21 17:39:02
(10:14:40) -ChanServ- [#TU.priv] Welcome to The Untouchables
(10:14:40) * ChanServ sets mode: +v roxie
(10:14:48) * +roxie /ººñºñº<>ºñºñ/ Syrecx \ñºñººñºñº<>º\
(10:14:48) * +roxie |ººñºñº<>ºñºñ| Syrecx |ñºñººñºñº<>º|
(10:14:48) * +roxie |ººñºñº<>ºñºñ| Syrecx |ñºñººñºñº<>º|
(10:14:48) * +roxie \ººñºñº<>ºñºñ\ Syrecx /ñºñººñºñº<>º/
(10:14:50) * Dv is now known as Kanka
(10:14:52) <+roxie> omg omg omg
(10:14:59) <+roxie> sycrex!!
(10:15:11) <+Bubbu> !kiss roxie
(10:15:12) <@Mybot> Bubbu gives roxie a soft sweet kiss on the lips
(10:15:12) <+roxie> oops
(10:15:19) <+roxie> wrong spelling
(10:15:33) <+roxie> Bubbu is that Syrecx our supposingly brother?
(10:15:42) <+Bubbu> think so...
(10:15:47) <&Belle`Tequila> he was lookin for u earlier
(10:15:54) <+roxie> me?
(10:16:08) <+roxie> anyone can heist with me in det btw?
(10:16:09) <+roxie> :P
(10:16:13) <&Belle`Tequila> 14:04:16) <+Syrecx> where's everybody? triggerhappy?!? roxie? rinny?! aftermarth?!!?
(10:16:15) <+Bubbu> roxie could you please say hello to me too? :p
(10:16:35) <~Vapura> she doesnt like us roxie
(10:16:40) * Kanka is now known as Dv
(10:16:44) <~Vapura> Bubbu *
(10:16:49) <+Bubbu> yea i know....
(10:16:52) <+Dv> she loves me tho
(10:16:57) <+Bubbu> well who needs her... :(
(10:16:59) * +Bubbu cries
(10:17:07) * +Dv hugs Bubbu
(10:17:12) <+Bubbu> :O
(10:17:16) <+Bubbu> omg omg omg
(10:17:21) <+Bubbu> Dv did you try to be nice?
(10:17:25) <+Dv> idd
(10:17:29) <+roxie> rofl

go figure out who is who :D

the dramas... welp, we were 1 big happy family and after i've got retrenched in real life, i stopped playing omerta for awhile. after a few months of absent, i went back yesterday and i found i missed out on this really complicated drama :D

Daddy and Mommy are couples in real life in australia. their relationship became stagnant and so mommy told daddy that they should take a break. and 1 week later, daddy found love with a pyscho bitch from holland. and mommy was devastated. the reason why i said she is a psycho bitch is, she is so damn fucking jealous and psycho that she killed mommy in game. out of jealousy but on the pretext that she is protecting daddy. and bubbu, my little brother from germany, ended up falling in love with mommy in real life. and according to bubbu, he left our family the day that daddy adopted the psychobitch as his daughter... meaning to say, the psychobitch was my sister and now she is my stepmother. and my little brother is now my step daddy! how complicated is that?? lol

when i told my good friend, the cow chaser, about how surprised i am with all those dramas, he told me: welcome to the omerta relationships, where nothing normal ever happens :D

i love my friends a lot :D

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