Monday, July 13, 2009

sun, sand, sea & beer :D

what happened past weekend? :D

Saturday after work, Lady Boss, Finger, Ms Asst. Finance Manager + bf & Ms Gan + BF and i went to to Jenjarom for Ms Gan's mom's fried nian kao (kuih bakul aka tee kuih). after that, we went to Jugra for Beggar's Chicken and the works. on the way to Jugra, MF called to ask if i wanna meet him for drinks later that nite or not. of coz want la. :D my day couldnt be happier :D anyway, after overeating, we went to Sepang Goldcoast to look see look see and ended up having ice cold beer by the beach (damn enjoyfying la :P). and we tried our level best to make Finger talk. but cannot la. if there is a wall there, i would have already bang my head on the wall. whilst there, MF sms-ed if we can meet earlier or not. Told him not that possible coz we are still at the beach :D then he cancelled. which i expected la... :D anyway, we left the beach at around 7ish. and got stuck in a jam, bad jam, at sepang. i told Lady Boss (who was driving), that i m so curious about the jam, i wish to wind down the window and ask the opp direction ppl what happen in front :P Lady Boss laugh it off, then suddenly she say, yea la, i also curious la... and she did that! never expect her to do it la.. just not her type :P and yea, as expected, horrible accident in front. so i told her, we can actually take a long route by going down further south to Port Dickson and then hit the highway back to KL. But i cant guarrantee anything la... coz hor, i've never used the road before :D. And we did! anyway, whilst in the jam, i sms-ed MF telling him luckily he cancelled coz i definitely cannot make it anyway :D and he evilly hoped that my bladder cannot withstand the jam (i am known for my weak bladder :D even when i hear a whistle, i will feel like pee-ing :P) so true enough, halfway to Port Dickson, i told Lady Boss to stop at the 1st petrol kiosk in sight coz i needed to go badly :P anyway, the whole journey is as if like only Lady Boss and i in the car coz Finger just wont talk at all :P

once we touched the highway, Lady Boss asked if we wanna makan before we balik. Told her i was still quite full and Finger also quite full. But dont know how or why la, we ended up craving for Teochew Porridge and the one we like sure close alre (it was by then 9something), and we ended up going to Simon's for food :D After that, balik to office to ambil my car. Sampai rumah at around 11pm and i saw Minger going out. So i go pat pat call her and ask her who is she planning to rendezvous at such a time la... one thing led to another, she turn around to fetch me :P we went to SS2 to pass something to someone and i ended up buying Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice :P reach home around 1something 2 and proceed in watching Grey's Anatomy right after i wash up.

Dont remember what time i sleep and wake up.. :P but i remember going out to eat lunch and stock up for dinner coz i know i will be too lazy to go out coz i wanna finish the Grey's Anatomy :P

Lunch, i had mixed rice. and since i've seriously over ate for the past few days, i seriously feel that i really need to purge out all the stuffs from my stomach. so dengan rakusnya, for dinner, i stocked up on: 1 qtr watermelon, 1 slice of papaya, 1 slice of pineapple, 1 slice of guava and 5 apples. :D damn healthy no? :P

so i watched and watched and watched the Grey's Anatomy, drooling over McDreamy and laughing out loud over the witty conversation and then crying like mad (stupid ending). and ate all those fruits (didnt touch the apples tho) and then at around 10something, i got hungry. more like my stomach was protesting to me that i need to feed some hot food inside. so i ended up cooking maggi using rice cooker (yep, house still no gas and still havent bother to go get gas) :P

the outcome of 1 detox meal? :D

really really detox lor.. :D output damn alot... damn satisfying :D (ok, i know, too much info :D)

conclusion is? i wish my weekend is longer...:P still feel tired la... how like that? :D

p/s: small cow, i finally cleaned the toilet :D now can even sleep inside there :D


  1. sounds like fun (minus the detox) part.. btw, how's that gold coast beach? crowded? clean? can swim kind? how to get there arr?

  2. The beach ah? not that clean coz it's selat melaka mah... dont think i will dare to swim there lor :P

    to get there.... erm... lemme see if i still remember or not ah...

    right before LCCT, there is a trafic light to turn left (Sepang F1 circuit will be on the left hand side in front of the traffic lights), turn left at the traffic lights. go all the way straight till you reach a T junction traffic lights and then turn right then go alllllll the way straight, dunno how many KMs la.. just go straight until u reach another traffic light at Sepang town and turn right. then go alllllllll the way straight until you see the sign board to turn left into Sepang Gold Coast :D

    i hope the direction is clear la :D

  3. ok. i think i know. thanks! food there nice?

  4. the food ah? nothing to shout about :P just that the environment is nice :D

  5. hrm... i think i will remain in the room, but proceed to use your toilet instead of going out to use the outside toilet. :D