Saturday, June 27, 2009

Updates or some sort :D

weekend is finally here :D super excited! why? coz we are going back to Kluang today :D

food! glorious food! :D


anyway, i m so over the drama-mama. but if i get provoked again, i wont hesitate to take out my claws again :D *waves*


so last night we went out for a quick bite before coming back to the office to continue our work. 'we' comprise of Lady Boss, Mr Finance Manager, Ms PA, Ms Know it All + her daughter little Hyper Bunny and me :D. As usual, i do not talk much. why? less talk less drama less politics. yea, i m usually quiet in real life. so anyway, Ms Know it All told us that she is watching Transformers today with her church members and she is bringing her daughter along. my eyes bulged, and i bit my tongue real hard. coz loads of bitchy thoughts were swimming in my head and if i let lose my tongue, everything will come out and yea, yesterday i was already pretty much the bitchiest person on earth, i dont really wanna continue :D anyway, there was a few polite protest from them, asking her if the daughter can sit still and quiet in a cinema for long or not? (her daughter is fucking hyper wei. she brings her here once in awhile and she runs around demanding all our attention and touching every single thing in sight - yea... damn extremely hyper!) and her reply was, "The last time i brought her go watch Madagascar, she ok what, can sit for 1 hour" and Mr Finance Manager went, "But that's cartoon ma, different. Transformers is for more matured audience leh" her response "Transformers was from cartoon what, same la"

everyone kept quiet. but i was pretty sure everyone was having almost the same thoughts as me:

"Thank god i aint gonna be in the same cinema as them!"
"Transformers and Madagascar is NOT same same"
"How annoying and inconsiderate is that??"

but we kept quiet and changed the subject :P

So Lady Boss was talking to Little Hyper Bunny (she is about 3yrs old only), and then she started to reply Lady Boss in children's talk. and Lady Boss suddenly say: "I am sorry, i dont understand" which i find totally funny. i dont know why. and i laughed and i was the only one laughing... like a soh hai :D yes, i have a weird sense of humor.. :P

anyway, back to the topic of parents bringing small kids to cinema. i think they should ban it la... i mean bring small kids go watch cartoons are ok la, but Transformers??? omg... sometimes when we go out watch movies, and there are small kids making noise whilst we were watching movies, i wish to just go up to the kid and slap him/her a few times. of coz i didnt la. and now, i actually know a person who does that.... o.m.f.g!


so yesterday Finger really fucked up my important shipment. which resulted me in sending an official email to him and cc the bosses. what happened? remember the previous day i had a fight with Finger? it's the same shipment. anyway, the arrangement was to pick up the shpt from shipper at 2pm sharp as our customer will be there to brief the driver. Repeatedly told Finger that the previous night. But when he called our SG counter part to arrange, he did not stress the importance. So i told him off straightaway i foresee he will fuck things up. Yesterday, at 2.30pm, i received a call telling me that the driver isnt there yet. Asked Finger and he can nonchalantly say: "Ya, not there" so i gotta explain and appease the customer. 3.15pm, customer called and scream like fuck. driver belum sampai. when i ask Finger, he said in his most nonchalant tone: "Ok, i check lor" and then proceed in doing other things when customer is on hold and he didnt bother to lift up the phone to call the driver. after letting the customer screaming and shouting at me for making him wait for about 2 hours under the hot sun, the driver finally showed up. this job is done half way only. today is the other half. have to deliver to Sunway which requires 3 labours. Told him in advance already, our big truck cannot masuk that area, need to transfer to smaller truck and he told me :"Cheh!" so i foresee another screw up. these are the days i wonder why the fuck am i still doing here? but on happy happy days, i seriously quite like it here... told Ms Asst. Finance Manager too. And yea, i just need to grin and bear with it la... seriously, the bosses here are pretty great :D


Speaking of boss. very long didnt tell you the fai story of Big Boss hor? :D So, as usual, we went out lunch together gather the other day. 2 cars, i sat in boss' car. we went to this nearby kampung-ish area to makan Hakka cuisine. As he was parking in the kampung area, with chickens running around, here's the conversation:

Me: Boss! go Bang Cock (Bangkok) la *giggles*
Boss: ha?
Me: yea, go Bang Cock la *giggles even more pointing at the cock/chicken... damn ssgg la me i tell u!*
Boss: ok! get ready for take off!
*and proceed to accelerate his car with me suddenly panicking - boss' track of records in driving sux big time. he almost got killed a few times alre in accidents :P*
Me: wei! i dont wanna go holland la! i wanna go bang cock!
Boss: going now la!


i know, this time i asked for it one....

anyway, Mr Finance Manager and Big Boss seems to be pretty delusional. They seems to see a big sign on my forehead that says "Bully ME!" coz that's what they always do during lunch and dinner.


omg omg omg.... few more hours to go! :D

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