Friday, June 26, 2009

For a person...

...who uses appearance to attack people is really people who got nothing better to say anymore, hence need to use appearance to attack?

out of so many comments here, i only respect chloe. at least she can come back to her senses and tried to talk sense to me and big cow here.
ChLoeHueY said...
if wanna to write a blog bout someone..i can understand it..but is too over of talkin those rude words u knoe? if tat is ur lover hw did u feel mich? even not ur lover..juz ur best fren..hw do u feel? i knoe u hv no eyes to c..n fire anymore..then u juz can let ur best buddy..write all those thing? Mich..v are so dissappointed!! all the stuff had passed..i really dun understand tat ..y wanna take tis topic out again ..izit start from the forum in pplb again? ha...if yes!! then really make me speechless..v are both are gal..dun u understand the feelin tat ur love's one gettin hurt from wat ur frens talkin there? she is not writin o talkin in a polite and gentle way..every words tat she typin out are so so so english is not good i knoe it..but tis kind of blog and situation..are too over k?

thank u chloe, but i believe in freedom of speech more. same goes u all of u. and thank u for addressing me as a bitch. may i remind u that i have not been calling names here?

u have the freedom to choose, that doesnt mean me and big cow do not have freedom of speech? no?

and i am sincere about the psychological scars on homosexuals stem from the society's view of them. making them growing up confused, sad and sometimes self destructive. i m not saying all of them are like that, but most of them are. that is sad, but true. if you terasa, maybe you had such confusing childhood too?


-Big cow is not going around creating dramas. she is just being in her comfort zone, which is in her blog minding her own business, ranting...

-*shakes head* where on earth is this little thing called freedom of speech? and moreover, she is not saying ALL of US lesbians are like that. and i actually know a few that actually do have this issue when they were little. they were confused, so am i suppose to beware as i am gonna be killed by these Lesbians who used to be confused? Good Lord, not all lesbians past experiences are the same. just because u got all fired up (maybe u terasa, i dont know.) makes others would want to kill big cow and maybe perhaps, me too?

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