Monday, June 29, 2009

too much....

... eating! i know i know... i really ask for it one... but you see hor, when u plan something on a piece of paper and the actual process of that plan to work is totally different leh... :P and yes, we ate EVERYTHING that was planned + 3 unplanned makan stop and seriously, it's damn too much!! :D

Let's recap what happened shall we?

We skipped lunch completely on Saturday, anticipating that we will be eating a lot that nite... :D so on the way back to Kluang, we were pretty much famished to almost death :D Right after we keluar toll, i asked them, wanna go popo's house to letak barang 1st or go makan 1st. they gave me the look like i m some kinda idiot... :P of coz makan 1st la :D wokie, so 1st stop, we went to Yean Kee for Ngau Lam Mein aka Beef Tripe Noodles aka Gu Bak Hoon aka Toing Toing Toing mee. :D rate by Ms Asst Finance Manager? Not beefy enough. wokie... :D but i like it la :D then we head to popo's place to put our stuffs, talk to popo a bit and freshen up abit and made an empty promise to popo that we will be back to play mahjong with her (not intentionally ok? just that we were too caught up with makan-ing :P). anyway, we next proceed to my home to let my mom tell their fortune. omg. my mom, being my mom, went and say things without filter, dishing out relationship advise to her in front of her bf! ok la, my mom didnt realized they were together :P anyway, i went snooping around the house and i found durians and mangosteen! omg! omg! omg! i wanna eat! but my mom being blur, didnt open the durian for me :(. so we left the house and proceed to go makan pork/beef balls noodles. as usual, a lot of ppl la... i saw mf there. but i wasnt really in the mood to layan him then (think hot, sticky, grouchy), and yes, mf, if you are reading, i did saw you and her :D but i really wasnt in the mood to layan you - then. so anyway, after eating the pork/beef balls noodles (her verdict, she loves the beef balls alot!), my mom called to ask me to go back and collect vege to pass to popo and ngor yee por. so we went over and pass the vege. after that, we went to explore the schools area to see if can see hantu or not (i know, damn bo liao, right? :P), then received call from my mom again, asking us to go back and eat durian :P so quickly go back... wei durian wei! :D how to say no? :P there u go, 1st unplanned eating. anyway, my mom then told us that she will be making her special Abalone Kerabu tomorrow and asked us to pop over before lunch to makan the appetiser (2nd unplanned food!) and then mommy also told Ms Asst. Finance Manager that the Hamm Char aka Lui Char at this place damn nice and Ms. Asst Finance Manager insisted that we must have it (3rd unplanned food!). anyway, after having durian, we went to makan tong sui... had my pak kor tong sui and my tong yuen. then i backside itchy and mms the tong yuen to MF and Minger. And he sms-ed me. one thing led to another, we planned to meet up in Hoover for (his 2nd breakfast - my 3rd breakfast) breakfast. anyway, after eating the tong sui, we went back to popo's house (at 10pm) only to panicked abit... all dark dark one... i didnt bring the keys out wor... how? thank goodness popo woke up and opened the door for us :P. but popo didnt want to play mahjong with us alre coz it was too late for her. so ok lor... we bathe and freshen up and 3 of us eyes big big look at each other. nothing to do wor... so we decided to go sing karaoke.. the only problem is, i dont know where is the karaoke :P we rounded a few rounds, still couldnt find one... so we ended up going to Kluang Mall to watch movie. And that nite, they were only playing Transformers. :D at ALL 6 cinema. keng or not? :D oh oh, and i fell in love that night.... with Optimus Prime :D he soooooooooooooooooo hensem! :D ok ok... let's cont with the makan makan story... by the time we sampai rumah from transformers were alre 3.15am and we are planning to wake up at 8.45 to start makan-ing again :P so what happened next was damn stupid. sms-ed small cow till about 4am then sleep with weird dream. i dreamt that we overslept and received a morning wake up call from MF asking us where are we. apparently it was 10.30am alre. so i terkejut and woke up only to realize that it's only 7.15am. cannot sleep already coz i takut really late (stressed right??). but i was in a fucking happy mood la... i mean hey, eating again wor! :D we left the house at around 9.30am to makan curry laksa at Yong He, then proceed to buy 4D. oh yea, i forgotten to tell you, i terstepped on dog shit :P and terkena her car. so we decided to buy. :D after buying, we went to makan Hamm Char, and then proceed to Hoover for toast bread, tea and egg :D then after that, we went back to popo's place for toilet visit. :D then after that, we went to makan the yong tau foo :D and then went back home to eat abalone (this is by far the most favourite thing that they have eaten so far... lol) and then went to makan the asam pedas thingie. I love their flat fish la... dunno what is it called, but damn nice lor... and she loves the steamed otak otak :D after that, we went back to popo's place to mandi and leave kluang. on the way to the toll, we stopped by at Zenxin organic farm to see organic stuffs and buy dragon fruits :D by the time we reached Puchong, it was already 7.30pm. then i have to rush all the way back to NZX to makan dinner with Small Cow. actually if can dont go, i sure wont go one... coz i was too damn fucking full already. but that the last day the shop will operate in NZX, so dengan kiasu and rakus-nya, we must go makan 1 last time la :D

Small Cow wanted to go sing K after the dinner. But my battery was so flat until i cannot even keep my eyes open for a long period of time whilst driving. so no, i told her cannot la... tak larat alre... went home, do laundry, bathe, sleep.

end of updates. :P


am lusting over MF now. omg.


still sleepy. i think i will go back home early to sleep....

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