Monday, June 8, 2009

so much had happened.

1st, lemme tell you about Little Ben Cafe. I think i got overdosed by it. Went there for lunch on Friday, lunch on Saturday, lunch AND tea on Sunday. yea... 4 times in a row in 3 days :D

friday night went dinner with L&L at 100cc in NiuZeXiu... nice! yummy!!! slurpz!

Saturday morning woke up at around 10ish and got ready to go meet Baby Chanel for the 1st time in months... omg... she is do damn cute la :D my little darling :D went lunch at the above mentioned restaurant and everyone there was fighting to carry her. yea. she is a princess :D. after lunch, Linda decided to check out the new Giant at Putra Heights. Got lost a few times, and finally reached there. after look see look see and bought some stuffs, we decided to head over to the Summit for the Popular Bookstore warehouse sale. my god. damn fucking hot wei! and i think we spent like a few house inside there. i only ended up buying a book and a cd :D after that, we headed to the nearby restaurant for dinner (at 5.30pm!). By then the 3 adults were damn tired, but Baby Chanel, she was still hyper. I think she surpass energizer bunny like 1000times! :D but she is still a darling :P, after dinner, we went back to Linda's house and hang out for awhile and then left at ard 8ish. by then i was pretty knackered alre... anyway, Linda passed me some quite old Taiwanese Idol drama, Tokyo Juliet. Heard from Minger that it's quite good (i think that was the show that makes her fell head over heels in love with Wu Zun :P) so i also rakusly too it....

huge fucking mistake.

it's a fucking tragic la... i watched the 1st 2 discs and it was fucking tragic. girl meets boy at age 5 and fell in love with boy and vice versa. fast forward 13 yrs later, girl meets boy again and fell all over in love with each other again, but girl and boy cannot be together coz boy is the girl's greatest enemy's son. so i sms-ed Minger but i ter-sms-ed MF. trust me. not on purpose. i've already deleted his numbers and all the sms from/to him in my phone. anyway, here's the sms:

niama, no one told me this show is a tragic! now even more jiwang! need beer or ais kweem... wanna teman me? :)

no reply from minger.

but suddenly received an sms from a maxis number and i was like... har??

wat show?! I just came reached home from work. damn tired

i thought for a while and look at the numbers, oh... MF. oh. i ter-sent wrong sms again. great. how many times do i have to repeat the same fucking mistake?? so i replied:

Some taiwanese idol drama. Erm, think i sent wrong msg to u again. rest well. good night

and i wish to dig a hole and just hide myself. i think i've already embarrassed myself countless times alre.

i need to unremember his numbers.

i hate myself.

so anyway, sunday came, woke up early and went for early lunch with Lisa. Then when i reached Ara Damansara, took my car and went back to Kota Kemuning again. Apparently abang, taisou and tasya is going over. gin rummy!! yay! :D

went to little ben cafe again for tea and then went back to play gin rummy. Baby Chanel found a new place to play... under the table :P. Linda was joking talking to baby Chanel, saying "Ha, next time you can talk, habis la mummy, mummy cannot play rummy already, becoz you will be saying, mummy mummy, you got red color 5, and mummy mummy, what is that funny looking man... (joker)"

Baby Chanel can only sleep with music on. so she was napping and we were playing rummy and the music was on. bear in mind, she was sleeping for about an hour already. and suddenly the cd ended and she woke up immediately and the parents have to quickly play the music again. Which prompted us to think, so did she actually sleep in the 1st place ah? :P

after playing rummy till about 7pm, we all went out nearby to makan and then balik. by then, i was fucking exhausted already. went home, did some mask, continue with the drama series and decided to sms MF (i've sort of decided not to fight the feelings already.):

Hope ur coming week will be great :)

and he replied:

Thanks, yours too. Mine will be packed with deadlines and meetings at 8.30am. But it should be fine. Night

and i replied:

wow. sounds fun ;)


moral of the whole story is? i m in love with MF. oh yea, i think i sort of wrote a love email to him via FB. lame hor? i also think so. i think i should just disappear from the face of the earth la :D

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