Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So, it's finally my turn to move the big project. You see, we have this customer who has 3 major projects to move stuffs across Asia. So for the past few weeks, I've been helping Lady Boss and Ms Know it All in preparing Form D for those countries that they are sending the stuffs to. And finally, today's my turn to move the stuffs to Bangkok and Singapore. and guess what? not a single soul help me. Ms Know it All decided that today she is not fit enough to come to work. When i called her, she sounded damn energetic and happy. great. why the fuck did i helped her in the 1st place???

anyway, politics here are getting worst. Ms Gan came to me and tell me how she got bullied and all. but i cant comment too much, honestly, i dont wanna get involved. especially when i m not even working for that company!


just spoken to Linda. she has just given Baby Chanel a new nick name.. SUPER GLUE. coz she was lamenting how she has no time to check email coz Baby Chanel keep on wanting her attention and wanting her to carry. Then i said, but whenever she carry Baby Chanel, she will push and kick her away. :P Then she lament saying that Baby Chanel just want her mommy to be by her side and play with her all the time.... wah... damn demanding hor? :P


anyway, i forgotten to blog about this.... last saturday, when i went home at night, my next door neighbour's daughter came greeting me as usual (she is about 5yrs old now). and this is what happened:

topless Zara come running to the door:

Zara: jie2 jie2, baru balik, ya?
Me: ya Zara. Zara belum tidur lagi, ya?
Zara: belum. jie2 pakai baju? jie2 jangan pakai baju macam zara, ok?

and i went speechless....

i wanted to corrupt her and say, "iya... jie2 tak kan pakai baju di rumah"



Ms Asst. Finance Manager just msn-ed me:

little ben little ben little ben
going crazy soon

yea... guess where are we having lunch today? ;)


i was inadvertly put in a situation that i was uncomfortable. after the whole situation is over, i am left with a bitter and sour aftertaste. what amazed me is how such a simple and inoncent request can turn into something so complicated and bad. human relations really sux la.


i woke up this morning missing him badly. wanted to give him a call, but i have nothing to say. so i ended up listening to my mp3 and sang out loud. :P


Just came back from Little Ben :D i am seriously addicted to their food la... wakakakaka...


ok. i need to get back to work alre....

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