Monday, June 1, 2009

it was suppose to be another boring weekend. after work on Saturday, i've stupidly decided not to stock up on food for dinner knowing full well that my plan was to finish up the taiwanese series that i've been watching.... so at around 7ish, i was terribly hungry to the extend of i drove out aimlessly, not knowing what to eat... actually i had a few things on my mind, but i was really too lazy to actually find parking :P so i ended up at the usual lok lok place for dinner. i dont know if you've ever had this feeling before or not... i was feeling damn bored with life, with everything. it's like, nothing excites me anymore. even the food i took also tasted weird. so anyway, on the way back, i called Andrew, my ex, in SG. we were talking about stuffs (read: sex) and the next thing i know, he told me he wishes to fuck my cousin, Minger. and i went: eeeewwwwww.... no! that's so wrong is so many ways!

feeling disgusted, i found excuse to hang up the phone and called Minger. yep, she was grossed out. the thing is, i m grossed out by the fact that i've slept with him before and if he sleeps with my cousin, whom i've always treated as a younger sister, it's sooooo weird, no? so anyway, as i was bored, i needed to go out, and i asked Minger if she wannna watch a movie the next day. she wanted to watch Angels and Demons, which Small Cow and i have already watched, but dont mind watching. So dengan rakusnya we decided to watch the morning show coz we knew there will definitely be tickets available on a Sunday morning. Called Small Cow who is on the way to work (midnite shift) and told her about the plan and she also wanna join la... so she bought the tickets. watched the taiwanese show till about 3ish 4, and slept till about 9am when Small Cow called to tell me that she is gonna pick me up. Minger wanted to sleep longer so she is gonna go by herself. the whole want-to-watch-movie-thing is a waste la.... Small Cow and i ended up sleeping in the cinema :P

so anyway, after movie, we lunched and then we all cannot tahan alre and went back to sleep. coz we had dinner plans with Ah Yi and Ah Ma. but on the way back, we realized that it defeats the purpose of having dinner with them coz it will mean that we will be lack of sleep, so we cancelled on them. which is a good thing. the next thing we knew, we woke up at 10pm :P feeling hungry, we decided to go somewhere near to eat. yea right. near my ass. :P we ended up in Jln Alor. :P

Anyway, the highlights of the weekend.

Annoying Bitch Neighbour - I've this neighbour who moved in like a few months back and she is fucking annoying and bitchy. the 1st time i kena her bitchiness was:

scenario 1: i was walking up the stairs and she and her husband was behind me and suddenly in an extremely hiao tone, she say this to her husband: "Nnnnnngggg.... so fat, walk so slow up" yup, she was refering to me =.=" then i let them pass 1st (i know what is courtesy also one, u know?) and they pulak walk damn fucking slow! like wtf??

scenario 2: lm kena from her. that one next time on say la... need graphics one :P

scenario 3: the bitch was dunno hiao-ing with her husband at their door and she was saying things like: "nnnnggggg.... dont want la.... hee hee hee.... *then she saw me and then said* nnnggggg.... fei por come back alre!! *slam the door*"

scenario 4: this one just only happened on saturday nite. so as i was saying i've made plans with small cow and minger to watch movies the next day, and i was feeling much happier la... so whilst i was at the wet area to retrieve my bajus out from the washing machine to hang dry, i started singing out loud... and suddenly, i heard the bitch's voice: "nnnnnggggggggggg haaaarrrrnnnniiiiiiiii the person sing until sooooooooooo horrible!!!" damn fucking tulan lor..... so i called small cow and minger to tell them... and from then on, we kept on calling each other haaaarrrrrniiiiie :P

anyway, another highlight:

so i was waiting for Small Cow to check out the movie time to arrange the time to meet. and i sms-ed: "Honey, remember to check out the movie time ya ;)"

and i was waiting... and waiting... and suddenly, i received an sms from MF:


and i was like damn blur la... why suddenly got sms from him? so i replied:

"har? wat wat?"

and he replied:

"wat movie?"

then only the bloody lightbulb flashed, oh. i tersent sms to him - AGAIN! omg.

anyway, dont really wanna talk about him. so next.

so anyway, Small Cow wanna do passport today. and i told her to go Subang Airport one coz it's the nearest ma... and then ask her to stay a night la... so last night, or rather this morning, i was asking her if her alarm is loud. and she said yea. and i went, louder than mine? and she say she not sure. so i went to set my alarm to ring 1 minute later and i said to her: "see if mine's louder or yours"

.... silence..... (waiting for 1 min ma)

and then suddenly Small Cow say:

"mine's definitely louder"

i went... "...."

and then we both burst into laughter. nia ma! 1 minute la!

anyway, yea, hers is definitely louder :P

oh oh... the final highlight..... last nite, i've confessed my feelings for MF and told him that it's not healthy for me to see him anymore. so yea. end of story, ok? no more MF.

chapter close.

it's all good tho... :D

anyway, yea... i gotta stop now.... need to clear up my stuffs and leave early today....



BABY CHANEL IS BACK IN KL!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! i miss her so much! wanna go play with her tonite :D

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