Friday, June 26, 2009

The death of Michael Jackson....

.... brings out the hipocrisies in a lot of ppl. especially the media :D

so this morning The King of Pop died. I've never liked him anyway. so, by right, the news shouldnt have affected me at all, right? WRONG!!! why?? coz EVERY SINGLE FUCKING RADIO STATION were talking about it and PLAYING HIS FUCKING SONGS!!! like wtf??? i mean if you all really really like him, you all wouldnt have make fun of him at his expense and hunt him down just to get a piece of weirdo news to fill up your fucking tabloid! so, he died. live with it. there's nothing you can do or say to make him come back alive! so anyway, yea.... he is dead, so fucking what? everyone has to die someday! some younger than statistics, some older, so what? just fucking live with it ok??

i know 1 particular person will definitely be very extremely upset about the news. i wonder how is he, i hope he is ok la... Minger, if you see Moonwalker on irc, send my regards to him :D

so yea, in the mean time, i will have to stick to my mp3s until the media got sick of the news and move on to another news. do you really think they will mourn for long? give them face la, the most is 7 days for the world media and 3 days for the local media.


okie, so i put up a status in FB saying that i m not sad at all, does that make me cold and heartless? :P and someone actually says yes! i dont think so lor... i mean, harlow??? he also not my father, brother, uncle, cousin or nephew! why should i feel sad over the death of someone whom i know? :D

i still think it's pretty hypocritical of ppl left and right feeling all sad about MJ's passing when most of them are guilty of making fun of him one time or another. and i m pretty sure most of them think he is fucking weird. ok so, his songs are sort of legendary, but even after his death, his music is still around what. not say like he has been performing much lately. he is almost old news before his death became the hottest news. so yea, dont be such a hypocrite can or not? except for Moonwalker la... he is seriously like the biggest fan in Netherlands la... *minger, Moon is from Netherlands, right?* :P

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