Friday, June 26, 2009

Blog War pt 2

So the useless friend said that she dont wanna get involved, but i wanna involve her ah... coz i not happy lor.... here's her post and the one in red is my answer (typical of me la) :D

I am afraid of getting old. It seems to me that the older one gets, the more drama one gets into. Alot has happened to me, for the past 7 months here, and many has left an impact; little or more, yet, sometimes I take the train to work and fro, little little past incidents come back to me. Some, which I regard as fond memories, some which I regard as lessons to gain more experience, most, which I'm thankful for, that had happened. - being bitchy, dear useless friend, drama-ing has nothing to do with age. look at those kindergarten kids, they drama everyday. one hour say dont wanna friend you, the next say wanna friend you. all these drama that has been happening started from your 'bradder' Eeyore. - that i will explain later. in a seperate post

I do agree that friction happens, no matter how closely-knitted 2 people are. Do you agree? Even you have friction with your own flesh and blood, what's more with the people whom you only meet in your social circle.

Somethings which happened to me,that I've never really written here. Not because I'm ashamed about what happened, or too angry to put my feelings into words, but because I felt that it's unnecessary to write about dramas because writers tend to be biased in their own space. Come on, let's not kid ourselves, how many of you would actually admit your own mistakes? I'm sure, 9 out of 10 would eventually twist the original story and make it sound like you're the victim..Well, or perhaps, the different point of view that each and everyone has..which made us think that we are right all the time. - you also know how to say it, but are u practicing what you are preaching, useless friend?? you are currently only listening to ONE side of the story, Eeyore's. God knows how much has she poisoned your mind. if you are really a friend, you will bother to sit down and listen to both sides of the story instead of one! so stop acting all innoncent here. you are as guilty as Eeyore for taking side!

I hate to admit but I'm sorry that I was late. I didn't know that there was a "blog war" going on, and when I was doing my usual blog hopping, only did I know what went wrong. I can't say much, because I hold to my words to not get involved from the start. Maybe I shouldn't even be writing here about this, because after all, I've gotten a dose of the drama, sadly to say. I've never regretted, I'm sure the people who are claimed to be "useless" tried in every way to prevent things from going wrong, would feel the same way too.- as said before, you are already involved for taking side, you are already involved by blogging about this. so stop acting. bitch.

But let bygones be bygones. Everyone's happy now, why the playback? There's no overlapping of life stories so why dig out the ugly past? Sometimes, I miss what had happened before, but some words can't be taken back. So as time goes by, I tend to leave things to fate. Let things take its course.- this you have to ask your very best friend Eeyore. she started it. she dug out the past by being overly sensitive over a forum post that was never intended to be directed at her, but she decided to be all sensitive about it and ATTACK small cow :D so, please, go tell your best friend EEYORE to eat shit and die or something like that!

I think I'm rather naive. In a way. I remember telling people that "all i want is everyone to be happy.." all the time..but little do I know, such statement would provoke some. "There you go again, trying to play God..making sure everyone's happy..". This was said to me.
True, ever since then, whenever I think of the word happy, the exact words would ring in my head. The statement is true, I'm not God. How can I promise happiness to everyone when clearly, pleasing everyone is not possible..? I learned this lesson from a friend. Till now, I still hold the same amount of respect. No more, no less. - this is the most cowardy and bullshit paragraph of all la.

I hope this "blog war" has ended. Enough drama for 7 months now. This is my point of view. - it was never intended to be a blog war until your stupid bitch friend decided to play her victim card again by shutting down her fucking blog. :D the whole point of my previous blog was just a ranting post. but your 'bradder' decided to be hypersensitive about it. what a bitch. i mean she is so damn fucking sensitive towards her own feelings and yet so insensitive towards others. do you still think she is a great friend? i m warning you now, my dear useless friend, because i pity you, she will do the same to you in times to come. this is her way to survive in this homophobic world. aint saying it's correct, but she will do it. :D mark my words :D


  1. Big cow ha?! Thx for ur fucking blog tat mention here..s everyone knoe tat blog is the most easier way for a person shout-out anythin..but u really make me feel tat u juz like a "crazy dog bark to all of the ppl tat ur MASTER said they are bad person"..din hv self opinion oso..PITY here..if s a matured thinkin person..i think tis kinda of blog wont appear here..coz i knoe tat u are loyal to ur "Master" (no need i mention it,u should knoe who is SHE..and beside tis can cal "yee hei" o "ji mui" s i knoe)

    Oh ya..not yet introduce myself..i'm eeyore's GF..NICE TO MEET U YA!!!

    1. U s a smart gal..y still use such no brain idea and way to represent ur fellin..if really very angry y dun juz meet out and talk it out..juz talk it out face to face..( nah..tat time u r the middle person) v wont juz hear one side's words onli..v can hear both side of such a good idea rite?! smart decision to u and HER!!!

    2. u hv to promote more and do some advertising of shouting out tat u hv these kinda of blog..let ur "MASTER"'s fren..ur FRENS..and somemore eeyore's FREN o lollies to knoe wat u post bout them..Let all of us knoe wat's movie tat u gonna launching soon ma..u knoe v r veli hard to get ur blog tim..v r from eeyore's fren group de juz hv the message of this blog from one of our lollies..memang pity..

    3. s eeyore's gf..u step on her..juz means tat u r step over me too..
    juz a changing name of eeyore's blog oso kena shoot like hell ma..mana fair ha? somemore is Me ask eeyore change to tat name de..walao..if like tis oso can scold a ppl like hell..then u r consider a person that live without brain..use ur brain think it ok?

    sometime i do think tat y got such many furking drama queen in our world ha? tis kinda of stuff had passed almost 2months..
    it come bek again in tis topic of wat u mention in ur blog..c'mon..pity pity cow!! s a matured person did u think tat is a clever decision to lepaskan geram and write down such stupid..such rude blog..
    at the end..u r jus the stupid cow u knoe?
    y dun SHE juz do the post bout tis incident again in her blog..juz write again on her blog?!
    Why SHE nw juz keep quiet?!u say de ma tis blogger she oso can do her blog her de ma..then y dun she post tis kinda of blog herself?? Tel me..y wan u tis stupid bitch do all for her ar?

    And i dunno HER well enuff s i knoe..
    the one i knoe tat is HER temper..
    (u r HER loyal ji mui..i think u should knoe it)
    coz she hv leave the group when i was been introduced as eeyore' new gf..n wat tat i can c from eeyore and her frens (lollies)..not the such thing tat u say tat eeyore steal ur good MASTER IGNORED mostly of them..they all try PM her in msn..even sms..but SHE reply and tel Them most in.....i think u hv to ask bek ur good MASTER there..ask u bek..if u try to PM and send a regard to a person..then the person juz reply say tat " is non of ur business!!" wat will u do?
    juz let her go?
    o wat else?
    tis is one of the answer tat ur MASTER reply to them..korek ur brain nw n think it deep PLEASE!!!

    oh ya..i juz nw say tat if a matured person hv to face to face talk in out rite? i do really wanna face to face leh..but i knoe tat u all wont..juz like to expess all the feelin in blog..and i really cant tahan of the post in ur blog ni..wanna close one eyes dunwan to read it oso cant..coz u had reach the range tat i cant be sabar anymore..and u r oso step over lollies's group..but from nw i do wanna u pls behave every words tat u talk it out..juz like ur words in red colors..ur limit range on our hand had reached RED COLOR...Be a smart blogger PLS!!!

  2. ChLoeHueY - before you post something so long, please check your english 1st! it's so atrocious, i don't even understand a single shit you are talking about :D

  3. even my english is bad..
    i juz feel so sad tat my hubby got a ex gf like tis b4..Tis my conclude!!!

  4. go read the post that i've dedicated to you :D

    p/s: you should be proud leh... got a post purposely for you :D

  5. oh really thank you so much bitch!!

  6. Chloe, u’re digging your own grave by replying. But if u chose to reply and protect eeyore. I respect that.

    ever since I start blogging until now, I believe that blogging is a place for people to express one’s self. So I believe, this is not for publicity. If it is for the sake of publicity, she would post every single place she know that she can put a link. Nor her msn is stated “oh! Drama going on. Come and read!!”.

    But unfortunately, when I was with Eeyore, I blog things that im not happy with, like arguing with her. And at the end, conveniently my blog got hacked. Which honestly speaking, I don’t believe it until this date that it’s being hack cos Eeyore is the only person who knows my password. Yea. Back then she said that it was being hacked by someone she know. Coincidences? Oh… I forgot, u guys are all on her side. How angelic.

    Now, my own replies to your comments, as u can see I’m one of the contributor here, so I believe I can have my voice here.
    1) U r a smart girl too rite? Why make silly decision on leaving a comment here and get bombard at now? BigCow IS smart bcos she did not chose to publicize this. She is just blogging. Oh. Forgot to thank u guys for dropping by thim. Thanks ha…

    2)Seriously, I don’t quite understand what r u trying to say here. But ah. I agak-agak la. Like I said in point 1, she did not have the intention for publicity. She just wanna blog. Which part of the blog r u seeing that she is hunger for publicity?

    3) u have the freedom to change the blog address, we have the freedom of speech.

    Quote : And i dunno HER well enuff s i knoe..
    the one i knoe tat is HER temper..

    My temper? Hmmm… ok. Can u see the picture now? Everyone wants to be the angel. She did not tell u what ELSE she did hor?

    Quote : y dun SHE juz do the post bout tis incident again in her blog..juz write again on her blog?!
    Why SHE nw juz keep quiet?!u say de ma tis blogger she oso can do her blog her de ma..then y dun she post tis kinda of blog herself?? Tel me..y wan u tis stupid bitch do all for her ar?

    why ah? Because I see things until I sien jor. Sien till no more fire jor…

    By the way, if u r saying why I do not wanna blog this myself, but BigCow is blogging all these, why u all wanna make noise when it is referring to Eeyore. Same situation rite? No?

  7. roflmao.... Small Cow, kudos to the comment :D

    that chloe bitch is like a dog running wild bombarding a few posts at the same time. quite tiring to keep on approving her comments lol

    yes, write all you want bitch, i will approve it one :D coz i've got nothing to hide :D

  8. if wanna to write a blog bout someone..i can understand it..but is too over of talkin those rude words u knoe? if tat is ur lover hw did u feel mich? even not ur lover..juz ur best fren..hw do u feel? i knoe u hv no eyes to c..n fire anymore..then u juz can let ur best buddy..write all those thing? Mich..v are so dissappointed!! all the stuff had passed..i really dun understand tat ..y wanna take tis topic out again ..izit start from the forum in pplb again? ha...if yes!! then really make me speechless..v are both are gal..dun u understand the feelin tat ur love's one gettin hurt from wat ur frens talkin there? she is not writin o talkin in a polite and gentle way..every words tat she typin out are so so so english is not good i knoe it..but tis kind of blog and situation..are too over k?

  9. fuyooooo..... my eyes crossed alre seeing such bad english. i think i wont even bother to reply anymore la :D