Thursday, June 25, 2009


there is a blog war going on? my my, these useless ppl are really fucked up aint it? you want war? ok lor, give you war lor, lemme give out all the links that are involved, ok? :D

the thing is, after my entry about the friendship part about Small Cow and those useless pieces of shit, Eeyore decided to be the victim one and fucking closes her blog! omg! that's is so funny! i've always suspected she is fucking stupid, now she has proven to me that she IS that stupid :D *waves at Eeyore*

points to be taken:

1. the entry was never meant to be a blog war thing. as i've said it before, siapa makan cili, terasa pedas. tsk tsk tsk... stupid bitch

2. standing aside looking at your 'bradder' and sister fighting and not trying to do anything at all to make things ok, is not ok at all. it's the same theory as you saw your friend raping another friend and not do anything about is NOT OK! geddit? stupid bitch

3. shutting down a blog after reading a passerby's entry about some so called fictional parties only proves how fucking guilty you are and not a victim. you wanna act all kelian, try a different style la. fucking stupid bitch.

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