Monday, May 25, 2009

the weekend that were suppose to be uneventful

went to visit a colleague on Saturday after work. it was a sudden thing, there i was chatting and minding my own business (after office hours alre), suddenly Lady Boss announced to all of us: "Ok! Shut down NOW! we are all leaving to see A!" and so dengan rakus-nya, i just say "Bye" to everyone and shut down. only to find out this morning that a certain small cow thinks i wanted to start a war with her. stupid cow.

So anyway, the baby is really cute... the stories the newly crowned parents were telling us makes me even more adamant that i'll never ever wanna have kids - EVER! damn fucking gross and disgusting and painful wei!!!

we left her place at around 4ish 5 and i was too grossed out to entertain anyone alre. ok la, my mood memang not really good alre, so damn fucking hot, Ms Know It All brought her daughter who is so damn fucking hyperactive that i wish to just strangle her to death! yep, i was anti-kids that day. so after that, i went back and i've decided to just hole up in the house for the rest of the day coz, seriously, i was really anti-social.

i dont really remember what i did. i think i watched some dvds. and then fell asleep listening to "Ban Qing Ge" over and over and over and over again.

woke up on sunday extremely early. laze around, watch some dvds and then got ready to go out. Small Cow and i bought tix for wolverine (i know, i know, i damn lambat only watch, but better late than never mah...) and Night At The Museum 2. after gotten ready, i sms-ed her only to find out that she is not on the way yet. so i continue with my dvd. Small Cow came over not long after and asked me to drive as she needs to eat the food that Ah Ma tapau-ed for her. On the way to the cinema, my mood still weren't that good and she suggested we go sing k after the movie. so dengan rakus-nya, after the movie, we drove all the way to Bukit Tinggi to sing and have dinner. Wah... damn worth it leh.... dah lah dapat 20% discount for members, we sang from 7.30pm till 3am and we only paid 30something for everything (buffet dinner and supper, free flow of drinks and tidbits)!!

Woke up this morning with this song playing in my mind over and over and over again...

this is like so damn fucking conflicting right? i feeling exactly like that 1st song above and yet, this 2nd song kept on playing in my mind!

i am going crazy.

omg... i AM crazy! i am currently planning an ONS with this guy from SG who is coming to KL next month! will i do it? or will i chicken out? :P

oh oh oh... yesterday when we were in karaoke, Small Cow chose Beyond's Hai Kuo Tian Kong and omg... they all look so damn fucking fuckable! :P

ok, i know it's wrong, i know i am suppose to feel sad and all... but i did, i really did feel sad watching this, infact, almost cry... but you cannot deny leh... they all look so damn fucking fuckable! :P

oohh.... today got free lunch in office! :D which is good coz hor... i damn smart, i forgotten to bring money to work..... =.=" this morning when i sleep, i remember that i need to bring the money to work coz my purse only left with RM2. but i was too tired and lazy to take the money out from the hiding place. then this morning when i woke up, i remembered too. but i needed to get ready for work. then on the way to work only i baru teringat... !@@#@$#@$#%$%^%^^%& forgotten to bring money! *bang head on the wall*

oh oh.... i m currently craving for Chilli's Mash Potatoes.... *looks at LM and Small Cow* wanna deliver them to me? :P since Chilli's has a branch in MV ;)

ok la... i dont know wat to type anymore alre.

wait... got things to say one...

Mr S got called into Big Boss' room this morning and we heard shoutings and screamings. 30mins later, Finger and i got called in. i got a bit the indignant. Mr S is telling Big Boss that he is affected by the fights that me and Finger are having. I feel indignant coz Mr S is always fighting with Finger at a louder level. How come he is complaining about us??? Anyway, i need to find a better job and leave soon la...

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