Monday, May 25, 2009

The story of "Hey Baby" :D

lack of sleep = extremely grouchy Big Cow.

So to avoid fucking everyone upside down, i m currently listening to my mp3 player. not coz i wanna show of or anything, just that Mr S is fucking noisy and annoying - ok la... he is like that DAILY but today i m sleepy, so it's not ok.

anyway, am listening to "Hey Baby" from Dirty Dancing OST right now and i ter-ingat about that fella.... one of my highschool crush, whom i do not know his name :P i just know who he is, whose cousin he is, and whose son is he :P, which school he goes to :P which 1119 tuition he went to... yea... i damn the fail :P the thing is, i know his cousin damn well and i remember his cousin told me his name, but me being me, cannot remember chinese name well, so, yea... i dont remember his name :P so, how come this song reminds me of him? welp, you see, his dad owns an electrical shop in Kluang and my parents are old time friends with them. so we bought ALL our electrical stuffs from them. And during my Form 4 / Form 5 days, my mom decided to keep on buying electrical stuffs every few weeks or we call them to come over to service our aircon. so yea, almost every other weekend he will be at my home helping out. and it was during one of those weekends that i was listening to my Dirty Dancing OST that he came over. And instead of working, he came to the living room and we hung out. And he told me he loves the movie and OST alot and we both agreed that "Hey Baby" is one of the best track in the OST. oh oh... he knows my name... u see, we shared the same tuition teacher too (hence i know about the 1119 tuition la-duh) and i was..erm.. sort of naughty la in class, so i was sort of like, erm, notorious.... and forever making the teacher shakes his head in despair. :P so yea, i dont know his name, he hung out with me for about 2 hrs, whilst his staff/colleague were servicing the aircon all alone :P so yea, "Hey Baby" is our song together :D the funny thing is, i was surprised he knows my name and me being me being stupid were too shy to ask his name coz tak kan lah he knows my name and i go and ask his name, right? :P damn paiseh u know? :P we did bump into each other a coupla times after i've gone to SG to work. then i heard from my dad he got married, so i also didnt really bother anymore :D

so yea, this is the story about "Hey Baby" :D

yes, most of the songs that i like have a story behind it :D

btw, i went back to kluang and found my diary circa Form 1-3. and when i read it, i was cringing with embarrassment.... :P maybe i will share them with you over here next time ;)

Anyway, enjoy this song la :D

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