Monday, January 26, 2009

happy chinese new year all! :D

happy chinese new year all! it's almost a decade into the 21st century and here i m blogging from my dad's pc which belongs to the stone age! 120MB ram only!!! omg!! dial up! omg!!!

anyway, this year's reunion dinner is so damn different compare to last year's! you see, every year my parents and i have to go for 2 rounds of reunion dinner coz have to give face to popo'a (dad's mom) side and ah ma's (mom's mom) side - ok, i know, i am suppose to call popo ah ma and ah ma popo. but anyway, lemme get on with my story, can? :D so anyway, what happen yearly is, we will makan at popo's first (early dinner) at around 6pm and then go over to a chinese restaurant for ah ma's. last year, i ate damn little (note: 3 spoons of rice - max) coz i wanted to save my stomach for restaurant food la... but see see, last year was a disaster, the restaurant was over booked and we have to wait for about 20-30mins for them to serve each dish (and it's an 8 course dinner!) and when the food arrived, the shark's fins soup were so damn starchy that when u scooped it up and terbalik the scoop, the 'soup' is still stucked on the laddle! :P yep, that bad, we ended up only ate 3 dishes and my dad and i lost our patience and left (wanted to go back to popo's place to hang out with my karchengs). and when i went over to popo's place, i was so damn hungry and i thought popo's place still got food to eat, mana tau, all habis! so i dragged minger out to kfc to tapau some food and we ended up having kfc for supper :P. so this year, i also takut alre la... i ate a plate of rice and all those dishes.... and when we went over to the same restaurant (yep, my uncle is very faithful one, even if the service was horrendous last year, my uncle still insist we go there - sort of like a tradition la... it's been a few years we patronise this restaurant alre), the food was so damn fucking good wei! :D so we happily ate then towards the end of the meal, my mom dropped a bombshell, she suddenly remembered we were invited by one of her customer to makan at another restaurant. my dad and i went: WTF?? and my mom told us we have to go coz this customer actually purposely arrange the dinner to be later so that we can join them and they already pre-booked 2 sharks fin dishes and abalone dishes.... so we rushed over (oh, remind me to tall u about jeff - who is not gay) to the other restaurant and we were damn paiseh lor... coz all 3 tables were waiting for us to lo sang..... i think my mom must have gave this customer really really good kang tao coz all also expensive dishes! shark's fins x2! soon hock! fresh scallop fried rice! lobster (and i didnt even know kluang restaurants serves lobster! *wide eyes*)! one huge ass abalone for each person! suckling pig (small cow, i know u are drooling :P)! and some other food that i cant remember alre la.... and then... and then... that customer of my mom gave me ang pau... ok la... the standard rate ang pau over here is RM10 only.. so imagine my reaction when i came back and open the ang pau..... RM50 wei! wow! and today is the 1st time i met them! my mom's ang pau (yes, my mom got too) is even bigger! RM10000!! wow! oh? u dont know what's my mom's job? she is a fortune teller... :P apparently she is very good la... and this customer treats my mom like she is some kinda god... -.-" and apparently my mom has been giving numbers to this customer so frequent that they are now almost millionaires.... wah.... i also want leh :P so yea, 3 fucking reunion dinner in the span of 4 hours. this is worst than having 7 small meals (breakfast, brunch, lunch, tunch, early dinner, late dinner and supper) a day when my cousin from singapore comes back!

At least during those 7 meals, we mostly share our food! Breakfast - tiny packets of nasi lemak / mee siam, toast bread, half boiled eggs and coffee or teh-c peng. Brunch - curry mee (1 bowl shared among 3-4 people). Lunch - popo's or restaurant food. Tunch - toast bread, half boiled eggs and coffee or teh-c peng. Early dinner - Ngau lam mee or pork balls noodles. Late dinner - tong yuen and hawker fares and finally, supper - roti canai. =.="

Oh yea... Jeff - he is not gay. erm.. he is really not gay but he looks and act so damn fucking gay, even gays thinks he is gay :P bummed into him just now at the 2nd dinner. or rather, he saw me and called me and sms-ed me... i didnt hear la, of coz - coz i m damn blur, then halfway thru dinner only i check my phone. then he came over and say hi to my family members. and my mom went: EH! HARIMAU'S SON!!! =.=" yes, she said that, yes, she said that LOUDLY! =.=" my mom has an inbuilt loudspeaker. when she talks with a what we normal people say as normal tone, she claims that she is whispering and when she talks loudly like selling fish in the market (small cow, ur ah ma can take a seat at the back seat, my mom wins ur ah ma 100000000 times!), she claims that she is talking at her normal tone... and when she is pissed mad, just fucking run away, u dont want to mess with her :P

anyway, it's a wet wet cny eve over here in kluang, what about kl and seremban?
btw, kluang seems to be infested with damn fucking lots of mosquitoes! i think they should change the name to Nyamuk instead of Kluang (flying fox in malay) la (dont seems to see any Kluangs nowadays anyway :P)

wokie la... i dont wanna type so much liao la... wanna go mandi and then curl up in my bed and continue with my novel :P

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