Wednesday, January 28, 2009


... it's official. i hate my job. i almost hate almost everyone here. i wish to kill myself whenever i think about the stupid job and the stupid people i am dealing with.

i was so relaxed the past few days in kluang... and this morning at around 8ish, i started to get phone calls left and right when i m still on fucking half day leave! then when i come to work early to makan the tapau-ed food, i cant even eat in peace! everything jessica here, jessica there.... harlow? am i the only one working here? why cant you guys make the decisions???? not only that, kena scolded from uncle tan over and over and over again, then yoges pulak come and shout shout shout at me... wei... enough la! is it my fucking fault that you are so damn fucking old that you take 3 times the amount of time to fucking complete a task???? why you come and throw your fucking tantrum at me la??? also, is it my fucking fault that your truck decided to died on you at the customs checkpoint???

i have seriously reached my limits. i need to get out of this job asap!

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